Synonyms of puff in English:



  • 1 a puff of wind
    gust, blast, rush, squall, gale, whiff, breath, flurry, draught, waft, breeze, blow
    literary zephyr
  • 2 he took a puff at his cigar
    informal drag
  • 3 informal the publishers expected a puff in our literary column
    favourable mention, piece of publicity, favourable review, advertisement, promotion, recommendation, commendation, mention, good word, commercial
    informal push, ad, boost
    British informal advert
  • 4 informal extravagant statements are accepted as part of a salesman's puff
    publicity, advertising, promotion, marketing, propaganda, push, puffery, build-up, boosting; patter, line, pitch, sales talk, presentation
    informal spiel, hype, ballyhoo
  • verb

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  • 1 he reached the top of the stairs, puffing a little
    breathe heavily, breathe loudly/rapidly/quickly, pant, puff and pant, puff and blow, blow; gasp, fight for breath, catch one's breath
  • 2 Hauser puffed at his cigarette
    smoke, draw on, pull on, drag on, suck at/on
  • 3 informal the royal family may not be used to puff commercial products
    advertise, promote, give publicity to, publicize, push, recommend, commend, endorse, put in a good word for, beat the drum for
    informal give a puff to, hype (up), plug
  • Phrases

    puff out/up

    if she went for a walk her ankles puffed upbulgeswell (out)stick outdistendbelly (out)balloon (up/out)expandinflateenlarge raretumefyintumesce

    puff something out/up

    he puffed out his cheeksdistendstick outcause to swellcause to bulgebelly (out)balloon (up/out)expanddilateinflateblow uppump upenlargebloat

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