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  • 3 he took a long pull on the cigarette
    informal drag


pull something apart

it is wise to pull the gearbox apart only when absolutely necessary
[Antonyms] build assemble
dismantledisassembletake/pull to piecestake/pull to bitstake apartstrip downdemolishdestroybreak up

pull back

the army was forced to pull back behind the canal
[Antonyms] advance
withdrawretreatdraw backfall backretiredisengagepull outback offgive way/groundfleetake flightturn tailbeat a (hasty) retreat

pull something down

several old buildings were pulled down
[Antonyms] build erect
demolishknock downtake downtear downdismantlerazeraze to the groundlevelflattenbulldozedestroylay waste

pull a fast one on

he is a car salesman who will try to pull a fast one on his co-conspirators outsmartoutwitout-thinkoutmanoeuvreoutplaybe cleverer thansteal a march ontrickgullmake a fool ofget the better of informaloutfoxput one over onrun/make rings round datedoutjockey

pull in

a police car pulled in behind stophaltcome to a stop/haltparkarrivepull overdraw indraw up

pull someone/something in

pull someone's leg

teasefoolplay a trick onmake fun ofjoke withragchafftwitpull the wool over someone's eyes informalkidbamboozlelead up the garden pathtake for a rideribtake the mickey out ofget/take a rise out ofBritish informalwind uphave on

pull something off

they pulled off a daring crime achievefulfilsucceed inaccomplishbring offbring aboutcarry outcarry offexecuteperformperpetratedischargecompleteconductnegotiateclinchwork outfixeffectestablishengineer

pull out

  • 1 one of their star players has pulled out with stomach trouble
    withdraw, resign, leave, retire, step down, get out, quit, back out, bow out
  • 2 the French pulled out of the agreement
    retreat from, leave, quit, abandon, give up, stop participating in, get out of, back out of, bow out of, renege on
    the French pulled out of the agreement
    [Antonyms] join engage in

pull something out

Goetz pulled out a gun and fired take outdrawpulldraw outbring outget outwithdrawfish outproduce

pull out all the stops

the disc's producers have pulled out all the stops for this tiny cult classic make an effortexert oneselftry hardstriveendeavourapply oneselfdo one's bestdo all one cando one's utmostgive one's allmake every effortspare no effortbe at painsput oneself outstrugglelabourtoilstrainpush oneselfdrive oneselfwork hardwork like a Trojanrack/cudgel one's brains informalgive it one's best shotgo all outbend/lean over backwardsput one's back into itknock oneself outdo one's damnedestmove heaven and earthbeaver awayslog awaykeep one's nose to the grindstonework one's socks offbreak sweatNorth American informaldo one's darnedest/durnedestbust one's chopsAustralian informalgo for the doctor

pull over

I decided to pull over on to the hard shoulder stophaltcome to a stop/haltpull inpull off the roaddraw inparkarrivedraw up

pull the strings

these are the people that pull the strings behind the scenes managedirectcontroloperateregulateconducthandlerunorchestrateorganizesupervisesuperintendoverseepreside overbossbe the boss ofgovernruleadministerleadheadguidesteerpilotexercise control overbe in control ofbe in charge ofbe in command oftake care oflook afterbe responsible forbe at the helm ofhold sway over informalhead upcall the shotscall the tunerun the showbe in the driving seatbe in the saddle

pull through

she has serious injuries, but we are all praying for her to pull through get betterget well againimproverecoverrallysurvivecome throughrecuperateget over somethingbe all right

pull together

in tough times we must pull together collaboratecooperatework togetherwork side by sideact togetheract jointlyband togethercome togetherget togetherjoin forcesteam upunitecombinemergeamalgamatepool resourcesclub togethermake common causeform an alliancecoordinate with each otherliaise with each otherconspireconnivecolludebe in collusionwork hand in glove informalgang up rarecoact

pull something to pieces

pull oneself together

regain one's composureregain one's self-controlregain control of one's emotionsrecoverget a grip/hold on oneselfget over itbecome one's old self informalsnap out of itget one's act togetherbuck up

pull up

a van pulled up with six men inside stopdraw upcome to a stop/halthaltcome to a standstillbrakeparkarrive

pull someone up

he grinned unabashedly when his mother pulled me up reprimandrebukescoldchidechastiseupbraidberatecastigatereprovereproachcensuretake to tasktear intoadmonishlecturelambasteread someone the Riot Acthaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offbawl outdress downgive someone hellgive someone a talking-togive someone a dressing-downgive someone an earfulgive someone a piece of one's mindblow upgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickinggive someone a rowBritish informaltick offcarpetgive someone a mouthfulNorth American informalchew outAustralian informalmonster rarereprehendexcoriate

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