Synonyms of push in English:



  • 1 she tried to push him away
    shove, thrust, propel, impel; send, press, drive, plunge, stick, force, shoot, ram, bump, knock, strike, hit, jolt, butt, prod, poke, nudge, elbow, shoulder; bulldoze, sweep, jostle, bundle, hustle, hurry, rush, manhandle
    [Antonyms] pull
  • 2 he tried to push his way into the flat
  • 3 he managed to push a silent panic button
    press (down), push down, depress, exert pressure on, bear down on, hold down, squeeze; operate, activate, actuate
  • 4 don't push her to join in if she doesn't want to
  • 5 the manufacturers of each fuel push their own products
    advertise, publicize, promote, give publicity to, beat/bang the drum for, popularize; sell, market, merchandise
    informal plug, give a plug to, hype, hype up, give a puff to, puff, puff up, boost, flog
    North American informal ballyhoo, flack, huckster
  • Phrases

    push someone around

    bullydomineerboss about/aroundride roughshod overtrample ontread onbulldozeabusemistreatmaltreatkick around/aboutbrowbeatlean ontyrannizeintimidatethreatentormentterrorizevictimizepick on

    push for

    the trade unions will be likely to push for wage increasesdemandinsist onclamour forask/call forrequestpress forcampaign forwork forlobby forspeak fordrum up support forsponsorurgepromoteadvocaterecommendchampionespouse

    push off

    informal push off, will you—I'm busy
    [Antonyms] stay remain
    go awaydepartleavetake oneself offtake offget outget out of my sightgogo your wayget goingget movingbe offtake your leavedecampabsent yourselfbe off with youshoo informalhit the roadflyskedaddlesplitvamoosescatscrammake yourself scarcebe on your wayrun alongbeat itgetget lostshove offbuzz offclear offskip offpop offgo (and) jump in the lakeon your bikego and chase yourselfBritish informalget stuffedsling your hookhop itbog offnaff offNorth American informalbug offlight outhaul offhaul asstake a powderhit the trailtake a hikeAustralian/New Zealand informalrack offnick offSouth African informalvoetsakhamba vulgar slangbugger offpiss offfuck offBritish vulgar slangsod off literarybegoneavaunt

    push on

    I decided to push on towards the coastcontinue one's journeycontinue on one's waycarry onadvancepress onprogressmake progressproceedgo onmake headwaygain groundpush forwardgo/forge aheadresume one's journeystart off again

    push the boat out

    you could push the boat out and go for the top of the rangebe extravagantgo on a spending spreesplash outsplurgespare no expensespend lavishlyspend a lot of money informallash outgo madgo on a shopping bingeindulge in some retail therapy


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  • 1 I felt a push in the back
    shove, thrust, ram, bump, knock, hit, jolt, butt, prod, poke, elbow, nudge, shoulder, jostle
  • 2 the enemy's eastward push had overrun Dutch positions
    advance, drive, thrust, charge, attack, assault, onslaught, onrush, offensive, sortie, foray, raid, sally, invasion, incursion, blitz, campaign
    archaic onset
  • Phrases

    at a push

    British informal at a push, you could use a disk editor to recover filesif necessaryin case of necessityif need beif needs mustif forcedif all else failsin an emergency

    give someone the push

    council chiefs gave him the push for looking too oldthrow outremoveejectexpelturn outturf outfling outforce outdrive outevictdislodgeoustdismissdischarge informalchuck outkick outsend packingboot outdefenestrategive someone the bootgive someone their marching ordersthrow someone out on their earshow someone the doorsackfiregive someone the (old) heave-hoNorth American informalgive someone the bum's rush

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