Synonyms of quantity in English:



  • 1 the quantity of food collected the quantity of animals killed was quite dramatic
    amount, number, total, aggregate, sum, quota, group, size, mass, weight, volume, bulk, load, consignment, expanse, extent, length, area; quantum, proportion, portion, part; dose, dosage
  • 2 police divers recovered a quantity of ammunition quantities of empty drinks cans have been found in the building
    an amount, a number, a good number/few, a lot, a large amount, (a) good/great deal; quite a number, scores, many, considerable amounts, plenty; several, numerous, countless, innumerable, ample, copious, abundant, plentiful, considerable, substantial
    informal a pile, piles, oodles, tons, lots, loads, heaps, masses, stacks, scads, bags, more … than one can shake a stick at
    British informal lashings, a shedload, shedloads
    North American informal gobs
    vulgar slang a shitload
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