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  • 1 Dave won the race and Andy came second
    contest, competition; relay, event, fixture, heat, rally, trial, time trial, head-to-head
  • 2 the race for naval domination accelerated
    competition, contest, rivalry, contention, quest
  • 3 the brook was diverted into the mill race
  • verb

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  • 1 Jimmy will race in the semi-finals
    compete, take part in a race, run, contend
  • 2 dogs would race the train furiously
    compete against, have a race with, run against, be pitted against, try to beat
  • 3 Cally raced after him
    hurry, dash, run, rush, sprint, bolt, dart, gallop, career, charge, shoot, hurtle, hare, bound, fly, speed, zoom, go hell for leather, pound, streak, scurry, scuttle, scamper, scramble, make haste, hasten, lose no time, spank along, really move
    informal tear, belt, pelt, scoot, zap, zip, whip, step on it, get a move on, hotfoot it, leg it, steam, put on some speed, go like a bat out of hell, burn rubber
    British informal bomb, bucket, put one's foot down
    Scottish informal wheech
    North American informal boogie, hightail it, clip, barrel, get the lead out
    informal , dated cut along
    North American vulgar slang drag/tear/haul ass
    literary fleet
    archaic post, hie, haste
  • 4 she tried to calm herself, but her heart was racing
    beat rapidly, pound, throb, pulsate, pulse, thud, thump, hammer, palpitate, flutter, pitter-patter, go pit-a-pat, quiver, vibrate, pump, pant, thrill
    rare quop
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    Synonyms of race in English:



  • 1 the school has pupils of many different races
  • 2 we Scots were a bloodthirsty race then
    people, nation
  • 3 a new race of novelists had appeared
  • 4 literary a prince of the race of Solomon
    family, line, lineage, house, dynasty, stock, blood, folk, clan, tribe; ancestry, descent, bloodline; progeny, offspring, issue
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    ethnocide, genocide killing of a race

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