Synonyms of raid in English:



  • 1 the raid on Dieppe
    surprise attack, hit-and-run raid, tip-and-run raid, assault, descent, blitz, incursion, foray, sortie; sally, inroad, onslaught, onrush, storming, charge, thrust, offensive, invasion; Germanblitzkrieg; Italianrazzia
  • 2 clothing worth £40,000 has been stolen in a raid on a shop in Bond Street
  • 3 police discovered stolen ammunition during a raid on the flat
    swoop, surprise search
    North American informal bust, takedown
  • verb

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  • 1 the aim was to raid shipping in Benghazi harbour
    attack, make a raid on, assault, set upon, descend on, swoop on, harass, harry, blitz, make inroads on, assail, storm, rush, charge
  • 2 they live as outlaws, raiding villages and towns for food and clothing
    plunder, steal from, pillage, loot, rifle, maraud, strip, ransack, sack
    literary despoil
    archaic reave, spoil
    rare depredate, spoliate, forage
  • 3 they had raided the electrical store next door
    rob, steal from, hold up, break into, make a raid on
    North American informal stick up
  • 4 homes and offices in Merseyside were raided by police
    search, make a search of, swoop on, make a raid on
    North American informal bust
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