Synonyms of read in English:



  • 1 he sat reading the evening newspaper
    peruse, study, scrutinize, look through; pore over, devour, be absorbed in, bury oneself in; wade through, plough through; run one's eye over, cast an eye over, leaf through, scan, glance through, flick through, skim through, thumb through, flip through, browse through, dip into
    archaic con
  • 2 ‘Listen to this,’ he said and read a passage of the letter
    read out, read aloud, say aloud, recite, declaim
  • 3 I can't read my own writing
    decipher, make out, make sense of, interpret, understand, comprehend
  • 4 his remark could be read as a dig at Forsyth
    interpret, take, take to mean, construe, see, explain, understand
  • 5 the thermometer read 0°C
    indicate, register, record, display, show, have as a reading, measure
  • 6 I can't read your future, you know
  • 7 he went on to read modern history at Oxford
    study, do, take; North American & Australian/New Zealandmajor in
  • Phrases

    read something into something

    officials cautioned against reading too much into the statisticsinfer frominterpolate fromassume fromattribute toread between the linesget hold of the wrong end of the stick

    read someone the riot act

    they read me the riot act on fighting and grounded mereprimandrebukescoldadmonishreproveupbraidchastisechidecensurecastigatelambasteberatelecturecriticizetake to taskgive a piece of one's mind tohaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offdress downgive someone a dressing-downbawl outpitch intolay intolace intoblow up atgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickingBritish informalhave a go atcarpettear someone off a stripgive someone what forlet someone have itNorth American informalchew outream outBritish vulgar slangbollockgive someone a bollocking

    read up on

    Chris had read up on this particular method of teaching children to writestudyget up informalbone up onBritish informalmug up onswot archaiccon

    take as read

    it is taken as read that our products must be goodpresupposetake for grantedpresumeassumetake itsupposesurmisethinkacceptconsiderpostulateposit


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  • I settled down for a read of ‘The Irish Press’
  • Word links

    legible readable
    illegible unreadable
    literacy ability to read
    illiteracy inability to read

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