Synonyms of recess in English:



  • 1 two recesses fitted with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves
    alcove, bay, niche, nook, corner, inglenook; hollow, cavity; apse; Japanesetokonoma
    technical oriel, aumbry, exedra
    archaic tabernacle
  • 2 (recesses) the deepest recesses of Broadcasting House
    innermost parts/reaches, remote/secret places, dark corners, heart, inner sanctum, interior; depths, bowels
    informal innards
  • 3 the Commons rises for the Christmas recess on Thursday
    adjournment, break, interlude, interval, rest, intermission, respite, temporary closure, temporary cessation of business; holiday, vacation, time off
    informal breather, time out
  • verb

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  • we'll recess for lunch and reconvene at 2 pm
    adjourn, suspend proceedings, take a recess, break, stop, take a break
    informal knock off, take five, take time out
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