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Synonyms of recoil in English:


  • 1 as he leaned towards her, she instinctively recoiled
    draw back, jump back, spring back, jerk back, pull back;
  • 2 he pictured them in his mind and recoiled from the thought
    feel revulsion at, feel disgust at, feel abhorrence at, be unable to bear, be unable to stomach, shrink from, shy away from, baulk at, hesitate at
  • 3 his rifle recoiled
    kick (back), jerk back, spring back, fly back, jump back
  • 4 his attempts to discredit them will eventually recoil on him
    rebound on, come back on, affect badly;
    misfire, backfire, boomerang, go wrong, fail to work out, be unsuccessful, go amiss, come to grief, meet with disaster
    archaic redound on
  • noun

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  • stress on the first syllable the recoil of the gun
    kickback, kick
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