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Synonyms of relax in English:


  • 1 yoga or meditation may be helpful in learning to relax
    unwind, loosen up, ease up/off, let up, slow down, de-stress, unbend, rest, repose, put one's feet up, take it easy, take time off, take time out, slack off, be at leisure, take one's leisure, take one's ease, laze, luxuriate, do nothing, sit back, lounge, loll, slump, flop, idle, loaf, enjoy oneself, amuse oneself, play, entertain oneself
    informal let it all hang out, let one's hair down, unbutton, veg out
    North American informal hang loose, stay loose, chill out, kick back
    [Antonyms] be tense, psych oneself up
  • 2 a walk will relax you
    calm, calm down, unwind, loosen up, make less tense/uptight, quieten, tranquillize, soothe, pacify, compose
    [Antonyms] psych someone up
  • 3 he relaxed his grip on the mug
    loosen, loose, slacken, unclench, weaken, lessen, let up, reduce, diminish
    [Antonyms] tighten
  • 4 she felt her tense muscles relax
    become less tense, become less stiff/rigid, loosen, slacken, ease, unknot
    [Antonyms] tighten, contract
  • 5 the ministry relaxed some of the restrictions
    moderate, modify, temper, make less strict/formal, ease, ease up on, loosen, lessen, lighten, slacken;
    alleviate, mitigate, qualify, dilute, weaken, reduce, diminish, decrease
    informal let up on
    [Antonyms] tighten up
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