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Synonyms of remove in English:


  • 1 switch off the power and remove the plug
    detach, unfasten, separate;
    pull out, take out, disconnect
    [Antonyms] attach
  • 2 he took the box and removed the lid
    take off, undo, unfasten
    [Antonyms] put on
  • 3 he pulled out his wallet and removed a twenty dollar bill
    [Antonyms] insert
  • 4 police searched his flat, removing fifteen bags of clothing
    take away, carry away, move, shift, convey, transport;
    confiscate, take possession of
    informalcart off
    [Antonyms] replace, put back
  • 5 in the bathroom, Sheila soon removed the mud
  • 6 Henry removed his coat
    take off, pull off, peel off, shrug off, discard, divest oneself of, shed, fling off, fling aside, climb out of, slip out of;
    undo, unfasten, unbutton, unzip
    [Antonyms] don, put on
  • 7 he was removed from his post as head of the security department
    [Antonyms] install, appoint
  • 8 tax relief on life assurance premiums was removed
    withdraw, abolish, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, take away, stop, put an end to, cut
    [Antonyms] introduce, bring in
  • 9 Gabriel carefully removed the last two words
    [Antonyms] add
  • 10 weeds have to be removed and a good general weedkiller applied
    uproot, take out, pull out, eradicate, destroy
  • 11 sometimes it may be necessary to remove branches of the tree
  • 12 dated in 1800 he removed to Edinburgh See move (sense 5 of the verb)
  • 13 mobsters like that could simply have you removed if they didn't like you
    kill, murder, put to death, get rid of, dispose of, assassinate, eliminate, execute, wipe out
    informalbump off, do away with, do in, do for, knock off, take out, top, stiff, croak, liquidate, blow away, give someone the works, wipe off the face of the earth
    North American informalrub out, waste, smoke, ice, off
    North American euphemisticterminate with extreme prejudice
  • noun

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  • it is almost impossible, at this remove, to reconstruct the impact of the incident
    distance, space of time, interval
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