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Synonyms of resolve in English:


  • 1 the government seems to think that the matter can be resolved overnight
    settle, sort out, solve, find a solution to, find an answer to, fix, work out, straighten out, deal with, put right, set right, put to rights, rectify, iron out, reconcile;
    answer, explain, fathom, unravel, disentangle, clarify, clear up, throw light on
  • 2 Charity resolved not to think about him any longer
    determine, decide, make up one's mind, take a decision, reach a decision, conclude, come to the conclusion;
    settle on a plan of action
  • 3 the committee resolved that the council should proceed
    vote, pass a resolution, rule, move, decide formally, agree, undertake
  • 4 these compounds can be resolved into their active constituents by various methods
    break down, break up, separate, reduce, decompose, divide;
    disintegrate, dissolve
    [Antonyms] combine
  • 5 one of the most important of a lawyer's accomplishments is the ability to resolve facts into their legal categories
    analyse, dissect, break down, anatomize
  • 6 the shore came closer, the grey smudge resolving into green fields and a sandy beach
    turn into, be transformed into, become clearly visible as, change into, metamorphose into, be transmuted into
  • 7 all my doubts were resolved
    dispel, remove, allay, dissipate, clear up, banish, put an end to
    [Antonyms] reinforce
  • noun

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  • 1 attempts to intimidate him merely strengthened his resolve
    determination, resolution, firmness of purpose, fixity of purpose, purpose, purposefulness, resoluteness, single-mindedness, strength of will, strength of character, will power, firmness, intentness, decision, decidedness;
    stubbornness, doggedness, obstinacy, obdurateness, obduracy, inflexibility;
    German Sitzfleisch
    informal guts, spunk, grit, stickability
    North American informal stick-to-it-iveness
    archaic intension
    [Antonyms] indecision
  • 2 he made a resolve not to go there alone next time
    decision, resolution, commitment, intention;
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    resolve, decide, determine
    See decide
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