Synonyms of right in English:



  • 1 I do not believe that it would be right to reverse this decision
    [Antonyms] wrong unjust
  • 2 he was first to give the right answer you haven't gone about it the right way
    correct, accurate, without error, unerring, exact, precise; accepted, proper, valid, orthodox, conventional, established, official, formal, regular
    informal on the mark
    British informal spot on
    Frenchde règle
    archaic meet
    [Antonyms] wrong inaccurate
  • 3 the right person for the job
    suitable, appropriate, acceptable, fitting, fit, correct, proper, desirable, preferable, ideal; well suited, well qualified
    [Antonyms] wrong unsuitable
  • 4 you've come at just the right moment
    [Antonyms] wrong inopportune
  • 5 unfortunately he is not quite right in the head
    sane, in one's right mind, of sound mind, in possession of all one's faculties, able to think/reason clearly, lucid, rational, coherent, balanced, well balanced; Latincompos mentis
    informal all there
    [Antonyms] insane of unsound mind
  • 6 John's face does not look right
    healthy, in good health, fine, hale, in good shape, in trim, in good trim, well, fit, fighting fit, normal, sound, up to par
    informal up to scratch, in the pink
    [Antonyms] wrong unhealthy
  • 7 my right hand
    right-hand, dextral, at three o'clock; Nauticalstarboard; Heraldrydexter
    [Antonyms] left, port, sinister
  • 8 informal the library is a right mess
    absolute, complete, total, real, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, downright, perfect, utter, sheer, consummate, unmitigated, unqualified, veritable, in every respect, unalloyed
    Australian/New Zealand informal fair
    archaic arrant
  • adverb

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  • 1 she was right at the limit of her patience
    completely, fully, entirely, totally, wholly, absolutely, altogether, utterly, thoroughly, quite; all the way, to the maximum extent, to the hilt, in all respects, in every respect
  • 2 the hotel is right in the middle of the village
    exactly, precisely, directly, immediately, just, squarely, square, dead
    informal bang, slap bang, smack, slap, plumb
    North American informal smack dab
  • 3 keep going right on till you come to a blue house
    straight, directly, in a straight line, as the crow flies
    [Antonyms] indirectly
  • 4 informal he'll be right down
    straight, immediately, instantly, at once, straight away, right away, now, right now, this/that (very) minute, this/that instant, in/like a flash, directly, on the spot, forthwith, without further/more ado, promptly, quickly, without delay, then and there, there and then, here and now, a.s.a.p., as soon as possible, as quickly as possible, with all speed; North Americanin short order; Frenchtout de suite
    informal straight off, toot sweet, double quick, in double quick time, p.d.q. (pretty damn quick), pronto, before you can say Jack Robinson
    North American informal lickety-split
    Indian informal ekdam
    archaic straightway, instanter, forthright
    [Antonyms] sometime later not now
  • 5 I think I heard right
    [Antonyms] wrong imperfectly
  • 6 you get treated right there
    [Antonyms] unjustly
  • 7 things usually turn out right in the end
    well, for the better, for the best, favourably, happily, advantageously, to one's advantage, beneficially, profitably, providentially, luckily, opportunely, conveniently, to one's satisfaction
    [Antonyms] badly for the worse
  • Phrases

    right away

    I'll go and find them right away
    [Antonyms] sometime later not now in due course
    at oncestraight awaynowright nowthis/that (very) minutethis/that instantimmediatelyinstantlyin/like a flashdirectlyon the spotforthwithwithout further/more adopromptlyquicklywithout delaythen and therethere and thenhere and soon as possibleas quickly as possiblewith all speedNorth Americanin short orderFrenchtout de suite informalstraight offtoot sweetdouble quickin double quick timep.d.q. (pretty damn quick)prontobefore you can say Jack Robinsonfrom the word goNorth American informallickety-splitIndian informalekdam archaicstraightstraightwayinstanterforthright


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  • 2 everyone has the right to say no
    entitlement, prerogative, privilege, advantage, due, birthright, liberty, authority, authorization, power, licence, permission, dispensation, leave, consent, warrant, charter, franchise, sanction, exemption, immunity, indemnity; Frenchcarte blanche
    Law, historical droit
  • Phrases

    by rights

    by rights, these young people should have been destined for college or university
    [Antonyms] unfairly
    properlyin fairnesscorrectlylegallytechnicallyin (all) conscience Lawde jure

    in the right

    technically he is in the right
    [Antonyms] in the wrong
    justifiedvindicatedborne outwith right on one's sidewith the law on one's sideright

    put something to rights

    remedyput rightset rightset to rightsrectifyretrievesolvefixresolvesort output in orderstraighten outdeal withcorrectrepairmendredressmake goodimproveamendamelioratemake betterbetter

    within one's rights

    she was within her rights to do thisentitledpermittedallowedat libertyempoweredauthorizedqualifiedlicensedjustified


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  • 1 you must be able to right a capsized dinghy
    turn the right way up again, turn back over, set upright again, stand upright again
    [Antonyms] invert capsize
  • 2 he would do what was necessary to right the situation
    remedy, put right, set right, put to rights, set to rights, rectify, retrieve, solve, fix, resolve, sort out, put in order; straighten out, deal with, correct, repair, mend, redress, make good; improve, amend, ameliorate, make better, better
    [Antonyms] worsen
  • 3 my bill seeks to right this serious wrong
    rectify, correct, put right, set right, make right, sort out, deal with, remedy, repair, fix, cure, resolve, settle, square, make amends for; avenge, vindicate
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    dextro- related prefix, as in dextrorotatory

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