Synonyms of ring in English:



  • 1 a ring round the moon means rain
    circle, circlet, band, round, loop, hoop, circuit, halo, disc
  • 2 she wasn't wearing a ring
    wedding ring, band of gold, marriage token
  • 3 a circus ring a boxing ring
    arena, enclosure, area, field, ground, platform; amphitheatre, colosseum, stadium
  • 4 a ring of onlookers forms around them
  • 5 a large spy ring existed right under their noses
  • verb

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  • riot police ringed the building
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    annular ring-shaped

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    Synonyms of ring in English:



  • 1 the vicar arranged to ring the church bells she rang the doorbell
    toll, sound, strike, peal; press, set off
  • 2 church bells rang all day
  • 3 the whole cellar rang with laughter
  • 4 I'll ring you tomorrow
    telephone, phone, call, call up, ring up, give someone a ring, give someone a call, get someone on the phone, get on the phone to, get, reach, dial, make/place a call (to)
    informal buzz, give someone a buzz
    British informal bell, give someone a bell, give someone a tinkle, get on the blower to
    North American informal get someone on the horn
  • Phrases

    ring something in

    the bells were beginning to ring in the new yearheraldsignalannounceproclaimusher inintroducelaunchcelebratemarksignifyindicategive notice of literarybetokenharbingerknell


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  • 1 there was the sharp ring of a bell from the gate
  • 2 I'll give Chris a ring
    call, telephone call, phone call
    informal buzz
    British informal bell, tinkle
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