Synonyms of ring in English:

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ring 1


  • 1 a ring round the moon means rain
    circle, circlet, band, round, loop, hoop, circuit, halo, disc
  • 2 she wasn't wearing a ring
    wedding ring, band of gold, marriage token
  • 3 a circus ring a boxing ring
    arena, enclosure, area, field, ground, platform;
  • 4 a ring of onlookers forms around them
  • 5 a large spy ring existed right under their noses
  • verb

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  • riot police ringed the building
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    annular ring-shaped
    Definition of ring in:
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    Synonyms of ring in English:

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    ring 2


  • 1 the vicar arranged to ring the church bells she rang the doorbell
    toll, sound, strike, peal;
    press, set off
  • 2 church bells rang all day
  • 3 the whole cellar rang with laughter
  • 4 I'll ring you tomorrow
    telephone, phone, call, call up, ring up, give someone a ring, give someone a call, get someone on the phone, get on the phone to, get, reach, dial, make/place a call (to)
    informal buzz, give someone a buzz
    British informal bell, give someone a bell, give someone a tinkle, get on the blower to
    North American informal get someone on the horn
  • Phrases

    ring something in
    the bells were beginning to ring in the new year
    herald, signal, announce, proclaim, usher in, introduce, launch, celebrate, mark, signify, indicate, give notice of
    literary betoken, harbinger, knell


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  • 1 there was the sharp ring of a bell from the gate
  • 2 I'll give Chris a ring
    informal buzz
    British informal bell, tinkle
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