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Synonyms of roar in English:


  • 1 the roars of the crowd increased in intensity
    clamour, clamouring
    North American informal holler
    [Antonyms] whisper
  • 2 the deafening roar of the wind and the sea
    loud noise, boom, booming, crash, crashing, rumble, rumbling, roll, thundering, peal, crack, clap, thunderclap
  • 3 his claims were greeted with roars of laughter
    guffaw, howl, hoot, shriek;
  • verb

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  • 1 ‘Get out!’ roared Angus
    North American informal holler
    [Antonyms] whisper
  • 2 thunder roared and lightning flashed
    boom, rumble, crash, roll, thunder, peal
  • 3 the movie has left preview audiences roaring
    guffaw, laugh heartily, roar/howl/shriek with laughter, laugh hysterically, laugh uproariously, be convulsed with laughter, burst out laughing, hoot
    informal split one's sides, be rolling in the aisles, be doubled up, crack up, laugh like a drain, be in stitches, die laughing
    British informal crease up, fall about
    [Antonyms] weep
  • 4 a motorbike roared past
    speed, zoom, whizz, flash
    informal belt, tear, vroom, scorch, zap, zip, burn rubber
    British informal bomb
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