Synonyms of rock in English:

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rock 1


  • 1 the ship rocked on the water
    move to and fro, move backwards and forwards, move back and forth, sway, swing, see-saw;
    wobble, undulate, oscillate;
    Nautical  pitchpole
  • 2 the building began to rock on its foundations
    shake, vibrate, quake, tremble
  • 3 Wall Street was rocked by the news and shares fell 4.3 per cent
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    Synonyms of rock in English:

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    rock 2


  • 1 a narrow gully strewn with rocks
    boulder, stone
    Australian informal goolie
  • 2 a castle built on a rock
  • 3 he was the rock on which his whole family relied
    foundation, cornerstone, support, prop, mainstay, backbone;
    tower of strength, pillar of strength, bulwark, anchor, source of protection, source of security
  • 4 informal she was wearing a massive rock on her fourth finger
  • Phrases

    on the rocks
  • 1 Sue's marriage was on the rocks
    in difficulty, in trouble, breaking down, practically over, heading for divorce, heading for the divorce courts;
    in tatters, in pieces, destroyed, shattered, ruined, beyond repair
    informal kaput, done for, toast
  • 2 he ordered a Scotch on the rocks
    with ice, on ice
  • informal

    Word links

    litho- related prefix, as in lithography
    petro- related prefix, as in petroleum
    -lite related suffix, as in hyalite
    lithology, petrology, petrography study of rocks
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