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Synonyms of root in English:


  • 1 the fungus attacks a plant's roots
  • 2 the root of the problem
    cause, reason;
    core, nucleus, heart, kernel, nub, essence;
    rare radix
  • 3 (roots) he has rejected his roots
    birthplace, native land, motherland, fatherland, homeland, native country, native soil
  • Phrases

    put down roots
    they married and put down roots in Britain
    settle, become established, establish oneself, make one's home, set up home
    root and branch
  • 1 the whole ghastly superstructure should be brought down and got rid of, root and branch
  • 2 the party wanted a root-and-branch reform of the electoral system
    complete, total, entire, utter, thorough;
  • take root
  • 1 leave the plants to take root over the next couple of weeks
    begin to germinate, begin to sprout, establish, strike, take
  • 2 environmentalism had taken root as a political movement in Europe
    become established, establish itself, become fixed, take hold;
    develop, thrive, flourish
  • verb

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  • 1 give the shoot a gentle tug to see if it has rooted
    take root, grow roots, become established, establish, strike, take
  • 2 June is a good month to begin rooting cuttings
    plant, bed out, sow
  • 3 he rooted around in the cupboard and brought out a packet of biscuits
    rummage, hunt, search, rifle, delve, forage, dig, nose, poke
    British informal rootle
  • Phrases

    root for
    informal the clamour of baseball fans rooting for their team
    cheer, applaud, cheer on, support, encourage, urge on, shout for
    root something out
  • 1 the hedge was rooted out
    uproot, tear something up by the roots, pull something up, grub something out
    rare deracinate
    [Antonyms] plant
  • 2 his main purpose was to root out corruption in the judiciary
    [Antonyms] establish
  • 3 are you hoping to root out some dark secret from Joseph's past?
    unearth, dig up, dig out, turn up, bring to light, uncover, discover, dredge up, ferret out, hunt out, nose out, expose
  • Word links

    radical relating to roots
    rhizo- related prefix, as in rhizomorph
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