Synonyms of scale in English:



  • 1 all reptiles have scales covering the skin
    technical lamella, lamina, squama, scute, scutum
  • 2 the disease causes scales on the skin
    (scales)scurf, dandruff
    technical furfur
  • 3 scale is bad enough in kettles, but can have a disastrous effect on the insides of boilers
    deposit, encrustation, coating;
    British fur
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    Synonyms of scale in English:



  • 1 the Celsius scale of temperature
    calibrated system, calibration, graduated system, system of measurement, measuring system, register
  • 2 two men at opposite ends of the social scale
    hierarchy, ladder, ranking, pecking order, order, spectrum, progression, succession, sequence, series
  • 3 the number of points needed to represent the line will depend on the scale of the map
    ratio, proportion, relative size
  • 4 no one foresaw the scale of the disaster
    extent, size, scope, magnitude, dimensions, range, breadth, compass, degree, reach, spread, sweep
  • verb

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  • thieves scaled an 8ft high fence
    North American shinny (up)
    rare escalade
  • Phrases

    scale something down

    manufacturing capacity has been scaled down
    reduce, cut down, cut back, cut, make cutbacks in, decrease, lessen, lower, trim, slim down, prune, curtail

    scale something up

    the departments intend to scale up their activities
    increase, expand, augment, build up, add to;
    step up, boost, escalate

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