Synonyms of sedate in English:



  • the patient had to be sedated heavily
    tranquillize, give a sedative to, put under sedation, calm down, quieten, pacify, soothe, relax, dope, drug, administer drugs/narcotics/opiates to, knock out, anaesthetize;
    [Antonyms] invigorate, energize
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    Synonyms of sedate in English:



  • 1 sedate suburban domesticity
    calm, tranquil, placid, composed, serene, steady, unruffled, imperturbable, unflappable;
    dignified, serious, serious-minded, formal, decorous, proper, prim, demure, sober, earnest, staid, stiff, stuffy, boring
    [Antonyms] exciting, wild
  • 2 they continued at a more sedate pace
    slow, unhurried, relaxed, leisurely, unrushed, slow-moving, slow-going, slow and steady, easy, easy-going, gentle, comfortable, restful, undemanding, lazy, languid, languorous, plodding, dawdling, leisured, measured, steady
    informal laid-back
    [Antonyms] fast
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