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  • 1 they are trying to sell their house
    dispose of, get rid of, vend, auction (off); put up for sale, offer for sale, put on sale; trade, barter, exchange, part-exchange, give in part-exchange
    they are trying to sell their house
    [Antonyms] buy
  • 4 the kit sells for £79.95
    be priced at, sell at, retail at, go for, be, be found for, be trading at, cost
  • 5 the President still has to sell the deal to Congress
    persuade someone to accept, convince someone of the merits of, talk someone into, bring someone round to, win someone over to, get acceptance for, win approval for, get support for, get across, promote


sell someone down the river

informal See river

sell out

  • 1 the garage had sold out of petrol
    have none left, be out of stock of, have run out of, have sold all one's …
    informal be fresh out of, be cleaned out of
    the garage had sold out of petrol
    [Antonyms] have plenty of
  • 2 the English edition sold out very quickly
    be bought up, be depleted, be exhausted
    the English edition sold out very quickly
    [Antonyms] flop
  • 3 he does not see himself as having sold out
    abandon one's principles, prostitute oneself, sell one's soul, betray one's cause/ideals, be untrue to oneself, go over to the other side, play false, sacrifice oneself, debase oneself, degrade oneself, demean oneself

sell someone out

you sold me out to the cops, didn't you?betrayinform on/againstbe disloyal tobe unfaithful todesertbreak one's promise todouble-crossbreak faith withstab in the back informaltell onsell down the riverblow the whistle onsqueal onstitch uppeach ondo the dirty onBritish informalgrass onshopNorth American informalrat outfingerdrop a/the dime onAustralian informalpimp onpoolput someone's pot on

sell someone short

  • 1 she is always selling herself short
    undervalue, underrate, underestimate, disparage, deprecate, belittle
    rare derogate
  • 2 shopkeepers were selling people short
    swindle, cheat, give short measure to, defraud, fleece; short-change, overcharge

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