Synonyms of send in English:



  • 1 she said she'd send me a letter
    dispatch, post, mail, put in the post/mail, address, get off, convey, consign, direct, forward, redirect, send on, remit, airmail
    [Antonyms] receive
  • 2 they sent a message to headquarters
    transmit, convey, communicate; telephone, phone, broadcast, televise, telecast, radio, fax, email, upload, ISDN, FTP
    dated telegraph, wire, cable
    [Antonyms] receive
  • 3 we have sent for a doctor
    call, call for, call in, summon, ask to come, request, request the presence/attendance of, order, contact, fetch
  • 4 I squeezed the plastic bottle and sent a jet of petrol out of it
    propel, project, send forth, eject, deliver, discharge, spout, fire, shoot, blast, catapult, launch, release, force, push, impel, ram; throw, fling, toss, lob, hurl, shy, cast, let fly
    informal chuck, sling, bung
  • 5 the empty barrels send off evil-smelling fumes
  • 6 it's enough to send one mad
    make, drive, cause to be/become
  • 7 informal it's the spectacle and music that send us, not the words
    excite, stimulate, move, rouse, stir, thrill, electrify, intoxicate, enrapture, enthral, grip, ravish, charm, delight, give pleasure to, titillate
    informal turn on, blow away, give someone a buzz/kick, stoke
  • Phrases

    send someone down

  • 1British she was sent down from Cambridge
    expel, exclude; Britishrusticate
    [Antonyms] admit, readmit
  • 2 he pleaded guilty and was sent down for life
    send to prison, sentence to imprisonment, imprison, jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, detain, intern, immure
    informal put away
    British informal bang up
    [Antonyms] release, let off
  • send someone off

    Sport Miller was sent off for a second bookable offenceorder offtell to leave the fielddismissshow someone the red card informalred-cardsend for an early bathgive someone their marching orderssin-bin

    send someone packing

    they decided they'd had enough of him, and sent him packingexpelsend awayejectturn outthrow outforce outoustevictput outget rid ofdismissdischarge informalchuck outkick outboot outdefenestrateshow the door togive someone their marching ordersthrow someone out on their earsackfiregive someone the bootaxeBritish informalgive someone the pushgive someone the elbowgive someone the big Ebin offturf outNorth American informalgive someone the airgive someone the bum's rush

    send someone to Coventry

    all three have been sent to Coventry for not treading the party lineostracizeexcludeshunspurncold-shouldergive someone the cold shoulderrejectrepudiateboycottblackballblacklistcast offcast outshut outavoidignoresnubcut deadkeep at arm's lengthleave out in the coldbarbandebarbanishexileexpelNorth Americandisfellowship informalfreeze outhand someone the frozen mittBritish informalblank datedcut

    send someone/something up

    informal we used to send him up something rottensatirizeridiculemake fun ofparodylampoonmockcaricatureimitateape informaltake offspooftake the mickey out of archaicmonkeyBritish vulgar slangtake the piss out of

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