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Synonyms of separate in English:


  • 1 he had kept his personal life quite separate from his job they went their separate ways
    [Antonyms] interdependent, connected, same
  • 2 the infirmary was separate from the main building
    set apart from, unattached to, not attached to, not joined to, disjoined from;
    fenced off from, cut off from, segregated from, isolated from, shut off from;
    free-standing, by itself, alone;
    self-contained, detached
    [Antonyms] attached, joined
  • verb

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  • 1 police were trying to separate two rioting mobs the twins were separated at birth
    part, split (up), break up, move apart, divide
    archaic sunder
    [Antonyms] unite, bring together
  • 2 the connectors come in two parts, which can be easily separated
    split in two, divide in two, sever;
    disentangle, unravel
    [Antonyms] join, connect, combine
  • 3 the second stage of the rocket failed to separate
    become detached, become disconnected, come apart, come away, uncouple, break off
    [Antonyms] link up with
  • 4 he led Cleo through the kitchen gardens to the wall that separated the two estates
    divide, partition, lie between, come between, stand between, keep apart;
    bisect, intersect
    [Antonyms] link, bridge
  • 5 the west end of the south aisle was separated off
  • 6 they separated at the airport
    part company, part, go their separate ways, go different ways, split, split up, say goodbye/farewell/adieu, say one's goodbyes;
    disperse, disband, scatter
    [Antonyms] meet
  • 7 the road separated and ran around both sides of the immense lawn
    fork, divide, branch, bifurcate, diverge, go in different directions
    rare divaricate
    [Antonyms] converge, merge
  • 8 after her parents separated, she was brought up by her mother
    split up, break up, part, stop living together, part company, reach a parting of the ways, become estranged;
    divorce, get divorced, get a divorce
    [Antonyms] get together, marry
  • 9 the skins are separated from the juice before fermentation we need to separate fact from fiction
    [Antonyms] mix
  • 10 individuals who separate themselves from a society of which they have formerly been members
    break away from, break with, secede from, sever relations with, withdraw from, delink from, leave, quit, split with, dissociate oneself from, disaffiliate oneself from, resign from, pull out of, drop out of, have nothing more to do with, repudiate, reject, desert
    [Antonyms] join
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