Synonyms of set in English:

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set 1


  • 1 Beth set the two bags on the kitchen table
    put, place, put down, lay, lay down, deposit, position, settle, station;
    leave, stow, prop, lean, stand, plant, pose, dispose
    informal stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, plump, pop
    North American informal plunk
    rare posit
  • 2 (be set) the cottage was set on a hill at the back of the village
    be situated, be located, lie, stand, be sited, be perched;
    be found
  • 3 the bright red benches were attached to the ground by bolts set in concrete a huge square cut emerald set in platinum
    fix, embed, insert;
  • 4 an enamelled gold figurine set with precious stones
  • 5 I'll go and set the table
    lay, prepare, arrange, make ready
  • 6 to find out if attitudes really have changed, we set three couples five everyday tasks
    assign, allocate, give, allot, deal, prescribe
  • 7 anyone can lose weight if they set their mind to it
    apply, address, direct, aim, turn, focus, concentrate
  • 8 the government had still not set a date for the election
    decide on, select, choose, arrange, schedule;
    fix, fix on, determine, designate, name, appoint, specify, stipulate;
    settle, resolve on, agree on, confirm
  • 9 he spun round in surprise and then he set his horse towards her
    direct, steer, orientate, point, aim, train
  • 10 his time in the 25m freestyle set a national record
    establish, set up, create, provide, institute
  • 11 Mr Crump set his watch by the clock in the hall
    adjust, regulate, synchronize, coordinate, harmonize;
    put right, correct
    technical collimate
  • 12 have you set the alarm?
    programme, activate;
    switch on, turn on
  • 13 the adhesive will set hard in about an hour pour the mixture on top of the jelly and leave it to set
    solidify, harden, become solid, become hard, stiffen, thicken, gel;
    freeze, crystallize
    rare gelatinize
    [Antonyms] melt
  • 14 the sun was setting and a warm, red glow filled the sky
    go down, sink, dip below the horizon;
    vanish, disappear, subside, decline
    [Antonyms] rise
  • Phrases

    set about
  • 1 Mike set about raising £5000 to pay for the boy's medical treatment she set about her task with vigour
    begin, start, make a start on, go about, set to, get to work on, get down to, get going on, embark on, tackle, attack, address oneself to, buckle down to, undertake;
    formal commence
  • 2 he was pushed up against the wall as the youths set about him
    attack, assail, assault, hit, strike, beat, give someone a beating, thrash, pound, pummel, wallop, hammer, tear into, set upon, fall on, turn on, let fly at
    informal lay into, lace into, beat the living daylights out of, sail into, pitch into, let someone have it, get stuck into, paste, do over, work over, rough up, knock about/around
    British informal duff up, have a go at
    North American informal beat up on, light into
  • set something against something else
    these figures need to be set against the incomes of the other social groups
    [Antonyms] take in isolation
    compare, juxtapose, place side by side with;
    offset, set off against;
    set someone against someone else
    he wants to set you against me
    [Antonyms] reconcile
    alienate from, estrange from, cause to dislike;
    drive a wedge between, cause hostility between, sow dissension, set at odds
    set someone apart
    distinguish, differentiate, mark off, mark out, single out, make different, separate, demarcate
    set something apart
    one pew was set apart from the rest
    isolate, separate, segregate, put to one side
    set something aside
  • 1 set aside some money each month for emergencies
    save, put by, put aside, put away, lay aside, lay by, put to one side, keep, reserve, keep in reserve;
    store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache, put in a safe place, put down;
    earmark, withhold, keep for oneself;
    North American  set by
    [Antonyms] use, use up, spend
  • 2 he set aside his half-empty cup and strode towards the door
    put down, put to one side, discard, abandon, dispense with, cast aside, drop
    [Antonyms] pick up
  • 3 can't you set aside your differences for now?
    disregard, put aside, put to one side, ignore, forget, discount, shrug off, bury, consign to oblivion
  • 4 the Court of Appeal set aside the High Court decision
    overrule, overturn, reverse, revoke, countermand, rule against, nullify, render null and void, annul, cancel, quash, dismiss, reject, repudiate, abrogate, remit;
    Law  vacate, disaffirm
    archaic recall
    [Antonyms] uphold, confirm
  • set someone back
    informal that must have set you back a bit!
    British informal knock back
    set someone/something back
    we'll have to re-advertise the position, which will set us back another six months the growth of American trade unionism was set back by the economic depression
    [Antonyms] speed up, expedite
    delay, hold up, hold back, slow down, slow up, retard, put a brake on, check, decelerate;
    British informal throw a spanner in the works of
    North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of
    archaic stay
    set something down
  • 1 that evening, he set down his thoughts
    write down, put in writing, put down, put down on paper, put in black and white, jot down, note down, make a note of;
    record, register, log, catalogue, tabulate
  • 2 the Association set down a code of practice for all members to comply with
    formulate, draw up, establish, frame;
    lay down, determine, fix, stipulate, specify, codify, prescribe, impose, ordain
  • 3 I set it down to the fact that he'd had no experience with girls
  • set forth
    accompanied by a large entourage, she set forth for Framlingham
    [Antonyms] arrive
    set out, set off, start out, sally forth, begin one's journey, leave, depart, set sail
    archaic set forward
    set something forth
    the policy paper of March 2 sets forth the core of Labour's programme
    present, describe, set out, detail, delineate, explain, expound, give an account of, rehearse, catalogue, particularize;
    state, declare, announce;
    set free
    there wasn’t enough evidence to hold the suspects and they were set free
    [Antonyms] imprison
    release, free, let go, allow to leave, set/let/turn loose, let out, liberate, set at liberty, deliver, emancipate
    literary disenthral
    historical manumit
    set in
    the pilot was winched to safety before bad weather set in
    begin, start, arrive, come, develop, become established, get under way, settle in
    formal commence
    set something in motion
    set off
    on the appointed day, we set off for Heathrow
    [Antonyms] arrive
    set out, start out, set forth, sally forth, begin one's journey, leave, depart, embark, set sail
    informal hit the road
    archaic set forward
    set something off
  • 1 police don't know how the bomb was set off
    detonate, explode, blow up, touch off, trigger;
    ignite, light
    [Antonyms] defuse
  • 2 the announcement set off a wave of protest
    give rise to, cause, lead to, set in motion, occasion, bring about, bring on, begin, start, initiate, precipitate, prompt, trigger (off), spark (off), touch off, provoke, incite, stimulate
    formal commence
    [Antonyms] bring to an end
  • 3 a velvet dress in a deep royal blue which set off her auburn hair
    enhance, bring out, emphasize, show off, throw into relief, point up;
    heighten, intensify, increase
    [Antonyms] clash with
  • set on
    he and his friends were set on by a gang
    attack, assail, assault, hit, strike, beat, give someone a beating, thrash, pound, pummel, wallop, hammer, tear into, set about, set upon, fall on, turn on, let fly at
    informal lay into, lace into, beat the living daylights out of, sail into, pitch into, let someone have it, get stuck into, paste, do over, work over, rough up, knock about/around
    British informal duff up, have a go at
    North American informal beat up on, light into
    set one's heart on
    Marilyn had set her heart on white satin and four bridesmaids
    want desperately, wish for, desire, long for, yearn for, be consumed with desire for, hanker after/for, ache for, hunger for, thirst for, lust after/for, sigh for, burn for, itch for, be dying for, die for
    set out
  • 1 he set out early next morning
    start, make a start, start out, set off, set forth, begin one's journey;
    depart, leave, get under way, sally forth, embark, set sail
    informal hit the road
    archaic set forward
    [Antonyms] arrive
  • 2 well, you've achieved what you set out to achieve
    aim, intend, mean, seek, have in mind;
    hope, aspire, want;
    set one's sights on
  • set something out
  • 1 the gifts were set out on trestle tables
  • 2 they set out a series of guidelines
    present, describe, set forth, detail;
    explain, expound, delineate;
    state, declare, announce;
  • set someone up
  • 1 his father set him up in business
    finance, fund, back, subsidize
  • 2 after my operation the doctor recommended a cruise to set me up again
    restore to health, make better, make stronger, strengthen, build up, invigorate, energize, fortify;
  • 3 informal suppose Lorton had set him up for Newley's murder?
    falsely incriminate, frame, fabricate evidence against, trap, entrap
    British informal fit up
  • set something up
  • 1 a monument to her memory was set up in Gloucester Cathedral
    place, put (in position)
  • 2 she set up the business with a £4,000 bank loan
    establish, start, begin, get going, initiate, institute, found, create, bring into being, inaugurate, lay the foundations of
  • 3 I'll ask my secretary to set up a meeting with him
    arrange, organize, fix, fix up, fix a time for, schedule, timetable, sort out, line up
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    Synonyms of set in English:

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    set 2


  • 1 an envelope containing a set of colour postcards
    group, collection, series, complete series;
    assortment, selection, compendium, batch, number, combination, grouping, assemblage;
    arrangement, array
  • 2 it was a fashionable haunt of the literary set
  • 3 a chemistry set
    kit, apparatus, equipment, rig, outfit
  • 4 a set of cutlery
    box, case
  • 5 a set of Coalport china
  • 6 although he's in the bottom set, he's doing quite well
    stream, band
  • 7 something in the set of his shoulders suggested that he was uneasy
    posture, position, cast, attitude;
    bearing, carriage
  • 8 her husband's brow furrowed as he noted the set of her face
    determined expression, fixed look
  • 9 sponsorship was necessary to defray the costs of building and painting the set
    stage furniture, stage set, stage setting, setting, scenery, backdrop, wings, flats;
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    Synonyms of set in English:

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    set 3


  • 1 we have set procedures for dealing with such matters a staid man with a set routine
    fixed, established, hard and fast, determined, predetermined, arranged, prearranged, prescribed, scheduled, specified, defined, appointed, decided, agreed;
    unvarying, unchanging, invariable, unvaried, unchanged, rigid, inflexible, cast-iron, strict, settled, predictable;
    [Antonyms] changing, variable, unpredictable
  • 2 she had set ideas about bringing up children
    inflexible, rigid, fixed, firm, deep-rooted, deep-seated, ingrained, entrenched, unchangeable
    [Antonyms] flexible
  • 3 he had a number of set speeches for such occasions
    stock, standard, routine, rehearsed, well worn, formulaic, unspontaneous, unoriginal, derivative, conventional, stale, hackneyed, stereotyped, overused
    informal hacky
    [Antonyms] fresh, original
  • 4 I was all set for the evening get set for a long, cold winter
    informal fit, geared up, psyched up, up for it
    [Antonyms] unprepared
  • 5 he's set on marrying that girl
    determined to, intent on, bent on, hell bent on, committed to the idea of, resolved to, resolute about, insistent about/on
    [Antonyms] uncertain
  • 6 last night you were dead set against the idea
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