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Synonyms of shut in English:


  • please shut the door
    close, draw/pull/push to, slam, fasten;
    put the lid on, bar, lock, latch, padlock, secure, seal;
    [Antonyms] open, unlock
  • Phrases

    shut someone/something away
    she supposes that Mrs. Tilney was shut away in her bedroom chamber
    confine, isolate, cloister, sequester, seclude, closet, immure
    shut down
    the factory has shut down
    cease activity, close, close down, cease production, cease operating, come to a halt, go on strike, cease trading, collapse, fail, crash, go under, go to the wall, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed (down), be shut (down)
    informal go bust, go bump, fold, flop, flatline, go broke, go belly up
    shut something down
  • 1 they have shut down the factory
    close, close down, discontinue, put into receivership, liquidate, put into liquidation
    [Antonyms] open, open up
  • 2 the correct way to shut the machine down is to type ‘exit’
    switch off, power down, stop, halt
    [Antonyms] switch on, start
  • shut someone/something in
    she pushed the dogs into the breakfast room and shut them in
    confine, enclose, impound, shut up, pen (in/up), fence in, hedge in;
    hurdle, rail in, coop (up), mew up, immure, box up/in, wall in/up, lock up/in, cage, imprison, intern, hold captive, incarcerate, encircle, surround, ring, encompass, hem in, close in, trap, kettle;
    North American  corral
    rare gird, compass
    shut something off
    a door pivots to shut off the gallery
    close off, seal off, tape off, fence off, rope off, screen off, curtain off, cordon off, partition off, separate off, isolate, segregate, blockade, quarantine;
    seal, close, turn off, cut, stop, halt;
    enclose, encircle, surround
    shut someone/something out
  • 1 he had accidentally shut me out of the house
    lock out, keep out, exclude, leave out, refuse entrance to, deny admittance to
    [Antonyms] let in
  • 2 she tried to shut out those memories
    block, suppress, halt, stop, forget
    [Antonyms] call up, recall
  • 3 the bamboo shut out the light as effectively as the forest canopy
    keep out, block out, screen, cover up, hide, conceal, veil
    [Antonyms] let in
  • shut up
    informal just shut up and listen
    [Antonyms] speak up
    be quiet, keep/stay quiet, be/keep/stay silent, hold one's tongue, keep one's lips sealed;
    stop talking, say no more, quieten (down), fall silent, dry up
    informal keep mum, button one's lip, button it, cut the cackle, pipe down, clam up, shut it, shut your face/mouth/trap, keep your face/mouth/trap shut, belt up, put a sock in it, give it a rest
    British informal wrap up, wrap it up, shut your gob
    North American informal save it, can it
    shut someone/something up
  • 1 I haven't shut the hens up yet
    hurdle, rail in, coop (up), mew up, box up/in, wall in/up, immure, lock up/in, cage, imprison, intern, hold captive, incarcerate, encircle, surround, ring, encompass, hem in, close in, shut in, trap;
    North American  corral
    rare gird, compass
  • 2 informal that should shut them up
    quieten (down), silence, hush, shush, quiet, still, gag, muzzle
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