Synonyms of shut in English:



  • please shut the door
    close, draw/pull/push to, slam, fasten; put the lid on, bar, lock, latch, padlock, secure, seal; put up the shutters
    [Antonyms] open unlock
  • Phrases

    shut someone/something away

    she supposes that Mrs. Tilney was shut away in her bedroom chamberconfineisolatecloistersequestersecludeclosetimmure

    shut down

    the factory has shut downcease activitycloseclose downcease productioncease operatingcome to a haltgo on strikecease tradingcollapsefailcrashgo undergo to the wallgo bankruptbecome insolventgo into receivershipgo into liquidationbe liquidatedbe wound upbe closed (down)be shut (down) informalgo bustgo bumpfoldflopflatlinego brokego belly up

    shut something down

  • 1 they have shut down the factory
    close, close down, discontinue, put into receivership, liquidate, put into liquidation
    [Antonyms] open open up
  • 2 the correct way to shut the machine down is to type ‘exit’
    switch off, power down, stop, halt
    [Antonyms] switch on start
  • shut someone/something in

    she pushed the dogs into the breakfast room and shut them inconfineencloseimpoundshut uppen (in/up)fence inhedge inhurdlerail incoop (up)mew upimmurebox up/inwall in/uplock up/incageimprisoninternhold captiveincarcerateencirclesurroundringencompasshem inclose intrapkettleNorth Americancorral raregirdcompass

    shut something off

    a door pivots to shut off the galleryclose offseal offtape offfence offrope offscreen offcurtain offcordon offpartition offseparate offisolatesegregateblockadequarantinesealcloseturn offcutstophaltencloseencirclesurround

    shut someone/something out

  • 1 he had accidentally shut me out of the house
    lock out, keep out, exclude, leave out, refuse entrance to, deny admittance to
    [Antonyms] let in
  • 2 she tried to shut out those memories
    block, suppress, halt, stop, forget
    [Antonyms] call up recall
  • 3 the bamboo shut out the light as effectively as the forest canopy
    keep out, block out, screen, cover up, hide, conceal, veil
    [Antonyms] let in
  • shut up

    informal just shut up and listen
    [Antonyms] speak up
    be quietkeep/stay quietbe/keep/stay silenthold one's tonguekeep one's lips sealedstop talkingsay no morequieten (down)fall silentdry up informalkeep mumbutton one's lipbutton itcut the cacklepipe downclam upshut itshut your face/mouth/trapkeep your face/mouth/trap shutbelt upput a sock in itgive it a restBritish informalwrap upwrap it upshut your gobNorth American informalsave itcan it

    shut someone/something up

  • 1 I haven't shut the hens up yet
    confine, enclose, impound, pen (in/up), fence in, hedge in; hurdle, rail in, coop (up), mew up, box up/in, wall in/up, immure, lock up/in, cage, imprison, intern, hold captive, incarcerate, encircle, surround, ring, encompass, hem in, close in, shut in, trap; North Americancorral
    rare gird, compass
  • 2 informal that should shut them up
    quieten (down), silence, hush, shush, quiet, still, gag, muzzle
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