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Synonyms of skip in English:


  • 1 she began to skip down the path
    [Antonyms] trudge
  • 2 if you don't mind, I'd rather we skipped the biographical stuff
    omit, leave out, miss out, dispense with, do without, pass over, bypass, skim over, steer clear of, disregard, ignore
    [Antonyms] include
  • 3 I skipped school to visit my mother
    fail to attend, play truant from, miss, absent oneself from, take French leave from;
    North American  cut
    British informal skive off, wag
    North American informal play hookey from, goof off
    Australian/New Zealand informal play the wag from
    [Antonyms] attend
  • 4 I'll skip through the magazine first
    glance at, have a quick look at, flick through, flip through, leaf through, scan, run one's eye over
    [Antonyms] pore over
  • 5 informal I'm not giving them a chance to skip off again
    run off, run away, do a disappearing act, make off, take off
    informal beat it, clear off, vamoose, skedaddle, split, cut and run, fly the coop, do a fade
    British informal do a runner, do a bunk, scarper
    North American informal light out, cut out, take a powder
    Australian informal go through, shoot through
    vulgar slang bugger off
    [Antonyms] stay, stay put
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