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Synonyms of slap in English:


  • 1 he slapped her hard across the face
    informal whack, wallop, biff, swipe, clip, bop, belt, bash, sock
    British informal slosh
    North American informal boff, slug, bust
    Australian/New Zealand informal dong, quilt
    archaic smite
  • 2 he slapped a £10 note down on the table
    fling, throw, toss, sling, slam, bang
    informal bung, plonk
  • 3 all you need to do is slap on a coat of paint
    daub, plaster, spread;
  • 4 informal the United States slapped a huge tax on European wine imports
    impose, levy, put on, add
  • Phrases

    slap someone down
    informal Uncle Max was always slapping me down for being big-headed
    reprimand, rebuke, reproach, scold, admonish, take to task;
    squash, squelch, put down, put someone in their place, take down a peg or two, deflate
    informal tell off
    British informal tick off, have a go at


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  • he gave her a slap across the cheek
  • Phrases

    a slap in the face
    his remarks were a slap in the face for the local community
    [Antonyms] praise
    rebuff, rejection, snub, insult, affront, put-down, humiliation, a blow to one's pride
    a slap on the back
    they deserve a hearty slap on the back for their efforts
    [Antonyms] condemnation, criticism
    informal a (big) hand
    North American informal kudos
    rare laudation
    a slap on the wrist
    this was not a question, but a slap on the wrist
    informal telling-off, rap over the knuckles, dressing-down
    British informal ticking off, wigging
    Australian/New Zealand informal serve
    British vulgar slang bollocking


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  • informal the bypass goes slap through Oxford's green belt
    exactly, precisely
    informal smack, bang, slap bang
    North American informal spang, smack dab
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