Synonyms of slide in English:



  • 1 the glass slid across the table the car slid across the road
    glide, move smoothly, slip, slither, skim, skate, glissade, coast, plane;
  • 2 tears slid down her cheeks
    trickle, run, flow, pour, stream, course, spill
  • 3 four men slid out of the shadows
    creep, steal, slink, slip, glide, tiptoe, sidle, ease, edge
  • 4 the country is sliding into recession
    sink, fall, drop, descend;
    decline, degenerate, deteriorate
  • Phrases

    let something slide

    neglect, pay little/no attention to, not attend to, be remiss about, be lax about, shirk, skimp on, let something go downhill, let something go to seed


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  • 1 the current slide in house prices
    fall, decline, drop, slump, tumble, downturn, downswing
    informal nosedive
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 2 David placed the slide back in its case
    transparency, diapositive, mount
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