Synonyms of spot in English:



  • 1 the dog was white with black spots there were a few spots of blood on the pavement
    mark, patch, pop, dot, speck, speckle, fleck, smudge, smear, stain, blotch, blot, splash, daub
    technical petechia
    informal splotch, splosh, splodge
    rare macule, macula
  • 2 this cream will improve the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and uneven skin tone
  • 3 he had an angry spot on the side of his nose
    pimple, pustule, blemish, blackhead, boil, swelling, eruption, wen, sty; pock, pockmark; (spots)acne, rash; Scottishplook
    technical comedo
    informal zit, whitehead
    North American informal hickey
  • 4 there are miles of footpaths and plenty of secluded spots
    place, location, site, position, point, situation, scene, setting, locale, locality, area, neighbourhood, region; venue
    technical locus
  • 5 social policy has a regular spot on the agenda
    position, place, niche, slot, space
    informal window
  • 6British informal would you like a spot of brandy?
    bit, little, some, small amount, morsel, modicum, bite; drop, splash
    informal smidgen, smidge, tad
    Scottish informal scoosh
  • 7 informal you're in a tight spot
    difficult situation, awkward situation, tricky situation, predicament, mess, difficulty, trouble, plight, corner, quandary, dilemma
    informal fix, jam, hole, sticky situation, pickle, scrape, pretty/fine kettle of fish, hot water, how-do-you-do
  • Phrases

    on the spot

    any official found to be involved in such incidents will be sacked on the spotimmediatelythere and thenthen and therestraight awayright awayforthwithinstantlysummarilywithout delaywithout hesitationat oncethat instantdirectlyoutrightNorth Americanin short order archaicstraightstraightwayinstanterforthright


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  • 1 she spotted Iris hovering by the door
    notice, see, observe, discern, detect, perceive, make out, pick out, distinguish, recognize, identify, locate; catch sight of, glimpse, sight; mark, remark
    British informal clock
    literary descry, espy
  • 2 her clothes were spotted with grease
  • 3 archaic his soul was spotted with sin
  • 4 it was still spotting with rain
    rain lightly, drizzle; Britishspit; Northern Englishmizzle; North Americansprinkle
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