Synonyms of stalk in English:



  • the stalk of a plant
    stem, shoot, trunk, stock, cane, bine, bent, haulm, straw, reed;
    branch, bough, twig
    technical pedicel, peduncle, petiole, phyllode, scape, seta, stipe, caudex, axis
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    cauline relating to stalks

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    Synonyms of stalk in English:



  • 1 he noticed a stoat stalking a rabbit
    creep up on, trail, follow, shadow, track down, go after, be after, dog, hound, course, hunt, pursue, chase, give chase to, run after
    informal tail
  • 2 without another word she turned and stalked out
    strut, stride, march, flounce, storm, stomp, sweep, swagger, prance
  • Definition of stalk in: