Synonyms of station in English:



  • 1 calling at all stations to Oxford
    stopping place, stop, halt, station stop, stage; terminus, terminal, depot; railway station, train station, passenger station; bus station, coach station
  • 2 a research station in the rainforest a naval station
    establishment, base, base camp, camp; post, depot; mission; site, facility, installation, yard
    in India, historical cantonment
  • 3 a police station
    office, depot, base, headquarters, centre; North Americanprecinct, station house, substation; Indiankotwali, thana
    informal cop shop
    British informal nick
  • 4 a radio station
    channel, broadcasting organization; wavelength
  • 5Australian/New Zealand as a youngster he was sent out to Australia to work as a jackaroo on a sheep station
    ranch, range; farm
  • 6 the lookout resumed his station in the bow
    assigned position, post, area of duty, place, situation, location
  • 7 dated Karen was getting ideas above her station
    rank, place, status, position in society, social class, level, grade, standing; caste
    archaic condition, degree
  • verb

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  • a flagman was stationed at the road crossing
    put on duty, post, position, place, set, locate, site; establish, install; deploy, base, garrison
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