Synonyms of steal in English:



  • 1 the raiders stole a fax machine
    purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, abscond with, run off with, appropriate, abstract, carry off, shoplift; embezzle, misappropriate; have one's fingers/hand in the till
    informal walk off/away with, run away/off with, rob, swipe, nab, rip off, lift, ‘liberate’, ‘borrow’, filch, snaffle, snitch, souvenir
    British informal nick, pinch, half-inch, whip, knock off, nobble, bone, scrump, blag
    North American informal heist, glom
    Australian informal snavel
    West Indian informal tief
    archaic crib, hook
    (be stolen) informal walk, go walkies
  • 2 he alleged that his work was stolen by his tutor
    plagiarize, copy, pass off as one's own, infringe the copyright of, pirate, poach, borrow, appropriate
    informal rip off, lift, pinch, nick, crib
  • 3 she was a beauty, and he'd often wanted to steal a kiss
    snatch, sneak, obtain stealthily, get surreptitiously
  • 4 he stole out of the room
    creep, sneak, slink, slip, slither, slide, glide, sidle, slope, edge, move furtively, tiptoe, pussyfoot, pad, prowl
  • Phrases

    steal away

    she disobeyed a court order and stole away with the childrenabsconddecampmake offrun offrun awayfleebolttake offtake flightdisappearvanishslip awaysneak awaybeat a hasty retreatescapemake a run for itmake one's getawayleavedepartmake oneself scarce informalsplitscramskedaddlevamooseskipcut and runmake trackspush offshove offclear offhightail ithotfoot itshow a clean pair of heelsdo a bunkdo a runnerdo a moonlight flitdo a disappearing acthead for the hillsfly the cooptake French leavego AWOLBritish informalscarperNorth American informaltake a powdergo on the lamlight outbug outpeel outcut outBritish informal, datedhook it

    steal the show

    she stole the show from her seasoned co-starsbe the centre of attentionget all the attentionattract the most attentionbe the focus of attentionbe the main attractionbe the outstanding featureput the others in the shadebe the high point/spotbe the best parthave all eyes on onebe the cynosureoutshineput in the shadeupstageovershadoweclipseoutclassdwarftower above/overput to shame


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  • 1North American New York's biggest art steal
    theft, robbery, raid, ram raid, burglary, larceny, thievery, break-in, hold-up; embezzlement, misappropriation, swindle, fraud; in India or Burmadacoity
    British informal blag
    North American informal heist
  • 2 informal at £30 it's a steal See bargain
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    kleptomania compulsion to steal

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