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Synonyms of stretch in English:


  • 1 the material stretches
    be elastic, be stretchy, be stretchable, be tensile
  • 2 he stretched the elastic until it snapped
    pull, pull out, draw out, extend, lengthen, elongate;
    expand, distend
  • 3 stretch your weekend into a mini summer vacation
    prolong, lengthen, make longer, extend, extend the duration of, draw out, spin out, protract
    [Antonyms] shorten
  • 4 my budget won't stretch to a weekend at a health farm
    be sufficient for, be enough for, cover, reach to;
    afford, have the money for
  • 5 the cost of the court case has stretched their finances
    put a strain on, put great demands on, overtax, overextend, be too much for;
    drain, sap
  • 6 Owen was stretching the truth a little
    bend, strain, distort;
    exaggerate, overstate, embellish, overdraw
    informal lay it on thick
  • 7 she stretched out her hand to him
    proffer, offer
    literary outreach
    [Antonyms] withdraw
  • 8 he stood up and stretched his arms
    extend, straighten, straighten out, unbend
  • 9 she stretched out on the sofa
    lie down, recline, lean back, be recumbent, be prostrate, be prone, sprawl, drape oneself, lounge, loll
  • 10 the desert stretches for miles
    extend, spread, continue, range, unfold, unroll, be unbroken;
    cover, span
  • noun

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  • 1 magnificent stretches of forest
    expanse, area, tract, belt, sweep, extent, spread, reach;
    length, distance
  • 2 a four-hour stretch
  • 3 informal he's served six years of a ten-year stretch
    North American informal rap
  • adjective

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  • today's popular stretch fabrics
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