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Synonyms of sweep in English:


  • 1 she swept the kitchen floor
    brush, clean, scrub, wipe, mop, dust, scour, scrape, rake, buff;
    informal do
  • 2 I swept the crumbs off the floor
    remove, wash away, expel, dispose of, eliminate, get rid of;
    brush, clean, clear, whisk
  • 3 he was swept out to sea
    carry, pull, drag, drive
  • 4 riots swept the country
    engulf, overwhelm, flood, flow across, surge over
  • 5 he had swept down the stairs with his arm about John's shoulders
    glide, sail, stride, breeze, stroll, sally, swagger, drift, flit, flounce
  • 6 a flotilla of limousines swept past
    glide, sail, dash, charge, rush, streak, speed, fly, zoom, swoop, whizz, hurtle
    informal tear
  • 7 fire swept through the building
    race, hurtle, streak, spread like lightning
    informal tear, whip
  • 8 police had swept the conference room at 6am and 8am
    search, probe, check, explore, hunt through, look through, delve in, go through, sift through, scour, comb, go through with a fine-tooth comb, leave no stone unturned in
  • Phrases

    sweep something aside
    they can sweep aside any criticism by declaring that they are rewarding the loyalty of dedicated fans
    disregard, ignore, take no notice of, think no more of, dismiss, shrug off, forget about, brush aside
    sweep something under the carpet
    their grievances became clearly visible and could no longer be conveniently swept under the carpet
    [Antonyms] disclose, publicize
    hide, conceal, keep hidden, suppress, keep quiet about, hush up, not disclose, not breathe a word of, censor, redact, gag, withhold, cover up, smother, stifle, muzzle, ban


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  • 1 with a great sweep of his hand, he bowed
    gesture, movement, move, action, stroke, wave
  • 2 both men were arrested in a nationwide security sweep
    search, hunt, exploration, probe, forage, pursuit, quest
  • 3 she looked out into the grey sweep of road
    curve, curvature, bend, arc, arch, bow, turn
  • 4 this is a modern resort featuring a long sweep of golden sand
    expanse, tract, stretch, space, plain, extent, vastness, vista
  • 5 the broad sweep of our business interests
    range, span, scope, compass, reach, spread, ambit, remit, gamut, orbit, spectrum, sphere, purview, limit, extent
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