Synonyms of target in English:



  • 1 the competitor must shoot targets at ranges of 75 to 200 yards
    mark, bullseye, goal, aim
  • 2 eagles can spot their targets from half a mile
    prey, quarry, game, kill, bag
  • 3 they exceeded their profit target last year
  • 4 they were the target for a wave of abuse from the press
    victim, butt, scapegoat, dupe, recipient, focus, object, subject, fair game, Aunt Sally
  • Phrases

    on target

  • 1 the Arsenal striker was bang on target
    accurate, precise, unerring, sure, true, on the mark;
    British inch-perfect
    informal spot on
  • 2 the project was back on target
  • verb

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  • 1 the two men were targeted by a gunman
  • 2 each product is targeted at a specific market
    aim, direct, level, intend, focus, position
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