Synonyms of thorn in English:



  • prickle, spike, barb, spine, bristle
    technical spicule
  • Phrases

    thorn in the flesh (or in someone's side)

    he has become a thorn in the flesh of any establishment you're an irritant, a thorn in his side, an embarrassmentannoyanceirritantirritationsource of irritationsource of vexationsource of annoyancepinprickpestbothertrialtormentplagueinconveniencenuisancemenace informalaggravationpeevepet peevepainpain in the neckbindboreheadachehassleScottish informalnyaffskelfNorth American informalpain in the buttnudnikburr in/under someone's saddleAustralian/New Zealand informalnarkBritish vulgar slangpain in the arse

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