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Synonyms of tie in English:


  • 1 they tied Max to a chair
    [Antonyms] untie
  • 2 Renwick bent to tie his shoelace
    knot, make a knot in, make a bow in, lace
  • 3 women who do paid work at home feel themselves tied by childcare responsibilities
  • 4 a pay deal tied to a productivity agreement
    link, couple, connect, relate, join, marry, wed;
    make conditional on, bind up with, bundle with
  • 5 they tied for second place
    draw, be equal, be even, be level, be neck and neck
  • Phrases

    tie someone down
    they didn't marry because she was afraid of being tied down See sense 3 of the verb
    tie in
    you haven't seen how all this ties in with their long-term aims
    be consistent, tally, correlate, agree, be in agreement, accord, concur, coincide, conform, fit in, harmonize, be in tune, dovetail;
    correspond to, match, parallel, reflect, mirror
    informal square
    North American informal jibe
    tie something in
    her husband is able to tie in his shifts with hers at the hospital
    fit in, harmonize, dovetail, match, mirror, make something consistent, make something correspond, make something tally, make something correlate, make something agree, make something accord, make something coincide, make something conform
    informal square
    tie someone/something up
  • 1 Gabriel tied up his pony
    [Antonyms] untie
  • 2 do not tie your money up if you think you may need it quickly
    commit, make unavailable, invest long-term
  • 3 he is tied up in meetings all morning
    occupy, engage, busy, keep busy, book, reserve, commit
  • 4 they were anxious to tie up the contract
    finalize, conclude, bring to a conclusion, wind up, wrap up, complete, finish off, seal, set the seal on, settle, secure, clinch
  • noun

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  • 1 a sleeveless jacket fastened at the back with ties
    lace, string, cord, ligature, wire, bond, fetter, link, fastening, fastener
  • 2 he was wearing a collar and tie
  • 3 it is important that we keep family ties strong
  • 4 pets can be a tremendous tie
    restriction, curb, limitation, constraint, obligation, commitment, restraint, hindrance, check, obstruction, encumbrance, impediment, handicap
  • 5 the race ended in a tie for first place
  • 6British Turkey's World Cup tie against Holland
    contest, fixture, match, game, event, trial, test, test match, meeting;
    bout, fight, prizefight, duel;
    play-off, replay, rematch;
    British  clash;
    Canadian & Scottish  playdown;
    North American  split
    archaic tourney
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