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Synonyms of tilt in English:


  • 1 his hat tilted forward a little they tilted their chairs back on two legs
    lean, tip, list, slope, camber, bank, slant, incline, pitch, dip, cant, bevel, angle, cock, heel, careen, bend, be at an angle
    [Antonyms] level, right, be/come level, be/come upright
  • 2 he tilts at his prey
    charge, rush, run;
    lunge, prod, poke, jab, thrust
  • 3 historical like a knight tilting at a wayside tournament
    contend, spar, fight, clash
  • noun

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  • 1 Mum's cup was on a tilt
    slope, list, camber, gradient, bank, slant, incline, pitch, dip, cant, bevel, angle, heel;
    North American  grade, downgrade, upgrade
  • 2 a tilt of the head
    nod, dip, tip, inclination, cock, bob
  • 3 historical knights would take part in a tilt
    joust, tournament, tourney, lists, combat, contest, fight, duel
  • 4 a tilt at the European Cup
    attempt on, bid for
    informal go, crack, shot
  • Phrases

    (at) full tilt
  • 1 they charged full tilt down the side of the dell
    (at) full speed, (at) full pelt, as fast as one's legs can carry one, at a gallop, helter-skelter, headlong, hotfoot, post-haste, hurriedly, hastily, wildly, pell-mell, impetuously, recklessly, rashly, at breakneck speed, precipitately, impulsively
    North American informal lickety-split
    literary apace
    archaic hurry-scurry
  • 2 the marketing blitz has raged at full tilt for some time now
    with great force, (with) full force, full blast, with a will, for all one is worth, with might and main, with all the stops out, all out, with a vengeance, vigorously, energetically, strongly, powerfully, madly
    British informal like billy-o
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