Synonyms of time in English:



  • 1 what time is it?
    dated o'clock
  • 2 late at night was the best time to leave
    moment, point, point in time, occasion, hour, minute, second, instant, juncture, stage, phase
  • 3 he worked there for a time
    while, spell, stretch, stint, span, season, interval, period, period of time, length of time, duration, run, space, phase, stage, term
    British informal patch
  • 4 in the time of the dinosaurs
    era, age, epoch, period, aeon, years, days; generation, date
  • 5 I've known a lot of women in my time
    lifetime, life, life span, allotted span, days, time on earth, existence, threescore years and ten; this mortal coil
    informal born days
  • 6 he had been a professional actor in his time
    heyday, day, hour, prime, best days/years, youth, vigour, springtime, salad days, maturity
  • 7 he would have a hard time in prison
    situation, state of affairs, experience, life, way of life; conditions, circumstances, affairs, surroundings, environment, context, background, ambience, atmosphere
  • 8 tunes in waltz time
    rhythm, tempo, beat, pulse, flow; metre, measure, cadence, pattern; accent, stress
  • Phrases

    ahead of time

    the bridge was declared ready seven months ahead of time
    [Antonyms] behind time late
    earlyearlier than expectedearlier than requiredin good timewith time to sparetimelyin advancesoonerin readinessalready

    ahead of one's/its time

    he broke all the rules and achieved an effect that was way ahead of its time
    [Antonyms] behind the times
    revolutionaryavant-gardefuturisticinnovatoryinnovativeinnovationaltrailblazingpioneeringgroundbreakingdisruptiveultra-modernadvancedhighly developedthe latestnewthe newestup to the minute

    all the time

    he works all the time
    [Antonyms] never, intermittently
    constantlythe entire timearound the clockday and nightnight and day{morning, noon, and night}{day in, day out}at all timesalwayswithout a breakceaselesslyendlesslyincessantlyperpetuallypermanentlyinterminablyunceasinglycontinuouslycontinuallyeternallyunremittinglyremorselesslyrelentlessly informal24/7 archaicwithout surcease

    at one time

  • 1 she was a nurse at one time
    formerly, previously, once, in the past, at one point, at some point, once upon a time, time was when, in days/times gone by, in times past, in the (good) old days, back in the day, long ago
    literary in days/times of yore, of yore
    archaic sometime, erst, erstwhile, whilom
    [Antonyms] never
  • 2 several matches were going on at one time
    simultaneously, at once, at the same time, at one and the same time, at the same instant/moment, concurrently, concomitantly; together, all together, alongside each other, in unison, in concert, in chorus, as a group
    [Antonyms] separately consecutively
  • at the same time

  • 1 they arrived at the same time
    simultaneously, at the same instant/moment, together, all together, as a group, at once, at one and the same time, at one time, concurrently, concomitantly, alongside each other, in unison, in concert, in chorus
    [Antonyms] separately consecutively
  • 2 I can't really explain it, but at the same time I'm not convinced
    nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, be that as it may, for all that, in spite of that/everything, despite that/everything, after everything, having said that, just the same, all the same, in any event, come what may, at any rate, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow
    informal still and all
  • at times

    she is at times cruel and ruthless
    [Antonyms] constantly
    sometimesoccasionallyfrom time to time(every) now and then/againevery so often(every) once in a whileon occasionon occasionson the odd occasionoff and onat intervalsperiodicallysporadicallyspasmodicallyerraticallyirregularlyintermittentlyin/by fits and startsfitfullydiscontinuouslypiecemeal rareinterruptedly

    behind time

    she was behind time and had to rush
    [Antonyms] ahead of time early
    latenot on timebehindbehind schedulebehind targetbehindhanddelayedrunning lateoverduebelatedtardyunpunctualslowdilatory

    behind the times

    the children considered Dad to be behind the times
    [Antonyms] up to date, ahead of one's time
    old-fashionedoutmodedout of fashionout of dateunfashionablefrumpishfrumpyout of styleoutdateddatedoutoutwornoldformerdeadmustyold-timeold-worldbehindhandpastbygonearchaicobsolescentobsoleteancientantiquatedsuperannuateddefunctmedievalprehistoricantediluvianold-fogeyishold-fangledconservativebackward-lookingquaintanachronisticcrustedfeudalfustymoth-eatenolde worldeFrenchdémodévieux jeupassé informalold hatsquarenot with itout of the arkcreakymouldyNorth American informalhorse-and-buggyclunkyrinky-dinkmossy archaicsquare-toed

    for the time being

    the sale has been cancelled for the time being, at least until prices recover
    [Antonyms] permanently
    for nowfor the momentfor the presentin the interimfor the noncein/for the meantimein the meanwhilefor a short timefor a short/little whilebrieflymomentarilyfleetinglytemporarilyprovisionallypro tem informalfor the minuteLatinpro temporead interimFrenchen attendant

    from time to time

    all children act up from time to time
    [Antonyms] constantly
    sometimesoccasionally(every) now and then/againevery so often(every) once in a whileon occasionon occasionson the odd occasionoff and onat timesat intervalsperiodicallysporadicallyspasmodicallyerraticallyirregularlyintermittentlyin/by fits and startsfitfullydiscontinuouslypiecemeal rareinterruptedly

    in no time

    you'll have perfect-looking skin in no time I can run there and back in no time
    [Antonyms] not for a while, slowly
    (very) soonin a secondin a minutein a momentin a tricein a flashshortlyany secondany minuteany minute nowin a short timein an instantin less than no timein no time at allin next to no timebefore you know itbefore long(very) quicklyrapidlyswiftlyat the speed of lightsuddenlyimmediatelyinstantlyinstantaneouslypromptlywithout delaypost-hasteNorth Americanmomentarily informalin a jiffyin a secin a nanosecondin two shakesin two shakes of a lamb's tailbefore you can say Jack Robinsonbefore you can say knifein the twinkling of an eyein a twinklingin the blink of an eyein a blinkin the wink of an eyein a winkBritish informalin a tickin two ticksin a moNorth American informalin a snap

    in good time

    we'll be there in good time
    [Antonyms] late
    punctual(ly)prompt(ly)on timeearlywith time to spareahead of timebefore the appointed timeahead of schedule

    in time

  • 1 I came back in time for Molly's party
    early enough, in good time, punctually, promptly, on time, not too late, with time to spare, at the appointed/right time, on schedule
    [Antonyms] late
  • 2 the attraction of the uniform palled, and, in time, she left the service
    eventually, ultimately, finally, in the end, as time goes on/by, by and by, one day, some day, sooner or later, in a while, after a bit, in the long run, in the fullness of time, when all is said and done, at a later time, at a later date, at length, at a future time/date, at some point in the future, in the future, in time to come, in due course
    [Antonyms] never
  • many a time

    many a time they had gone to bed hungry
    [Antonyms] occasionally
    frequentlyoftenrepeatedlyagain and againover and over (again)time and (time) againtime after timemany timeson many occasionsmany times over{day in, day out}day after day{week in, week out}night and dayall the timepersistentlyrecurrentlyconstantlycontinuallyregularlyNorth AmericanoftentimesLatinad nauseam literarymany a time and oftoftoft-times

    on time

    the train was on time we paid our bills on time
    [Antonyms] late
    punctual(ly)prompt(ly)in timein good timeto/on schedulewhen expectedtimelywell timed informalon the dotBritish informalbang/spot on time

    time after time

    the camera produces excellent results time after time
    [Antonyms] sporadically never
    repeatedlyagain and againover and over (again)time and (time) againfrequentlyoftenmany timesmany a timeon many occasionsmany times over{day in, day out}day after day{week in, week out}night and dayall the timepersistentlyrecurrentlyconstantlycontinuallyregularlyNorth AmericanoftentimesLatinad nauseam literarymany a time and oftoftoft-times


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  • 1 his meeting had been timed for three o'clock
    schedule, set, set up, arrange, organize, fix, fix up, fix a time for, book, line up, slot in, prearrange, timetable, bill, programme, plan; North Americanslate
  • 2 I had timed my arrival just about perfectly
    regulate, adjust, calculate, set, synchronize
  • 3 he timed it—it took two minutes and forty-three seconds
    measure, put a stopwatch on, meter, count
    informal clock
  • Word links

    chronological, horological, temporal1 relating to time
    chrono- related prefix, as in chronograph
    horology study of time
    chronometry, horology measurement of time
    chronophobia fear of time

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