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Synonyms of tone in English:


  • 1 bassoons add considerably to the tone of the tuba
    timbre, sound, sound quality, voice, voice quality, colour, tone colour, tonality, resonance, ring
  • 2 ‘So there you are!’ he called in a friendly tone
    intonation, tone of voice, mode of expression, expression, inflection, pitch, modulation, accentuation
  • 3 the somewhat impatient tone of his letter
    mood, quality, feel, style, note, air, attitude, character, spirit, flavour, grain, temper, humour, effect;
    tenor, vein, drift, gist
  • 4 the dialling tone
    note, beep, bleep, meep, whine, buzz, warble, burr, signal
  • 5 old-fashioned tones of primrose, lavender, and rose
    tint, shade, colour, hue, tinge, cast, tincture
  • verb

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  • the rich orange colour of the wood tones beautifully with the yellow roses
    harmonize, go, go well, blend, fit, coordinate, team, accord;
    match, suit, complement
  • Phrases

    tone something down
  • 1 he has had to tone down his gaudy garments to get them into department stores
    subdue, make less garish, soften, lighten, dim, mute
  • 2 the newspapers refused to tone down their criticism of the government
    moderate, modify, modulate, mitigate, temper, dampen, soften, lighten;
    subdue, restrain, stifle, bridle, bottle up, contain;
    informal keep the lid on
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