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Synonyms of touch in English:


  • 1 his shoes were touching the end of the bed
    be in contact (with), come into contact (with), come together (with), meet, join, connect, converge (with), be contiguous (with), border (on), be (up) against, link up (with), adjoin, abut, neighbour
  • 2 he reached out and touched her cheek
    press lightly, tap, pat, nudge, prod, poke;
    feel, stroke, rub, rub (up) against, brush, brush (up) against, graze;
    fondle, caress, pet, tickle, toy with, play about with, fiddle with, finger, thumb, handle;
    put one's hand on, lay a hand on, lay a finger on
  • 3 in June the government touched its lowest point of popularity
    reach, attain, arrive at, come to, make;
    get down to, sink to, plummet to, dive to
    informal hit
  • 4 nobody can touch him when he's on form
    compare with, be on a par with, equal, match, be a match for, be in the same class as, be in the same league as, be on an equal footing with, parallel, rival, come near, get near, approach, come up to, come/get close to, measure up to/against;
    better, beat
    informal hold a candle to
  • 5 you're not supposed to touch my typewriter
    handle, hold, pick up, move;
    meddle with, play (about/around) with, toy with, fiddle with, interfere with, tamper with, disturb, harm, lay a hand on, lay a finger on;
    use, employ, make use of, put to use, have access to, access, avail oneself of, get (at), take advantage of
  • 6 normally he wouldn't touch a job as small as this
    be associated with, concern oneself with, involve oneself in/with, get involved with/in, have something to do with, have dealings with, deal with, handle, be a party to
    informal touch something with a bargepole
  • 7 he wouldn't touch his food
    taste, consume, eat, drink, take, partake of
    [Antonyms] refrain from
  • 8 Germany was comparatively little touched by the Renaissance
    affect, have an effect on, concern, involve, have a bearing on, be relevant to, be pertinent to
  • 9 Lisa felt touched by the girl's unexpected kindness
    affect, move, stir, arouse, make/leave an impression on, impress, have an impact on, have an effect on;
    influence, impassion;
    upset, disturb, make sad, arouse sympathy, melt, soften
    informal get (to)
  • 10 informal do you think you can touch him for some more money?
    ask, approach;
  • Phrases

    touch down
    his plane touched down at Nice airport
    [Antonyms] take off
    land, alight, come in to land, come down, come to earth, come to rest, put down, make a landing, arrive
    touch something off
  • 1 he touched off two of the bombs
    detonate, set off, trigger, explode, spark (off)
  • 2 the plan touched off a major political storm
    initiate, set off, start, begin, set in motion, instigate, ignite, trigger (off), stir up, provoke, foment, cause, give rise to, lead to, generate, actuate, launch
  • touch on/upon
  • 1 the exhibition did touch on larger issues
    refer to, mention, give a mention to, comment on, remark on, bring up, speak of, talk about, write about, deal with, raise, broach, cover, allude to, make an allusion to, hint at, skim over
  • 2 a self-confident manner touching on the arrogant
    come close to, verge on, border on, incline to, approach, resemble, be tantamount to, be more or less, be not far from/off
  • touch someone up
    British informal he was sacked after one of his pupils accused him of touching her up
    fondle, molest, feel up
    informal grope, paw, maul, goose
    North American informal cop a feel
    touch something up
  • 1 the flagstaffs were being touched up with gold paint
    repaint, patch up, retouch, renovate, refurbish, spruce up, restore, revive, renew, revamp, brush up, rehabilitate, overhaul, recondition, refresh, rejuvenate;
    enhance, beautify
    informal do something up, give something a facelift, titivate
  • 2 touch up your CV and improve your interview skills
    improve, enhance, gloss, dress up, embellish, embroider;
    finish off, round off, perfect;
    bring up to date, modernize, revamp, revise, redo, polish up, rewrite, edit
  • touch wood


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  • 1 communicating by touch is the most primitive mode
    feeling, feel, sense of touch, contact, tactile sense, tactility;
  • 2 I gave her a touch on the shoulder
    press, tap, pat, nudge, prod, poke, push, glance, flick;
    stroke, brush, graze;
  • 3 she has a lovely touch on the putting greens
  • 4 she replied with a touch of bravado
    small amount, trace, bit, suggestion, suspicion, hint, scintilla, tinge, tincture, whiff, whisper, overtone, undertone, nuance, murmur, colouring, breath, vein;
    dash, taste, spot, drop, dab, pinch, speck, smack, smattering, sprinkling, splash, soupçon
  • 5 there were flowers in a vase on the dressing table—a nice touch
    detail, feature, fine point, nicety, addition, accessory;
    (touches) minutiae
  • 6 visitors put the severity of the house down to the lack of a woman's touch
    influence, effect, hand, handling;
    direction, management, technique, method
  • 7 they finished training a few months apart and lost touch over the next few days I was in touch with Eliot by letter and by phone
    contact, communication, correspondence, connection, association;
    having dealings with, up to date with, abreast of, up with, informed about
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    tactile, haptic relating to touch
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