Synonyms of towards in English:



  • 1 Henry strode towards her he was heading towards Manhattan
    in the direction of, to, toward, so as to approach, so as to near;
    on the way to, on the road to, en route for, in the vicinity of
    [Antonyms] away from
  • 2 they're working towards a drug-free future
    with the aim of, in order to obtain, in order to achieve, so as to achieve, for
    [Antonyms] away from
  • 3 towards evening dark clouds gathered
    just before, shortly before, near, nearing, around, approaching, close to, coming to, getting on for, not quite
  • 5 they offered to contribute £2,000 towards a fund to restore the church's organ
    as a contribution to, for, as a help to, to help, to assist, supporting, promoting, assisting
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