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Synonyms of trip in English:


  • 1 Owen tripped on the loose stones
    stumble, lose one's footing, catch one's foot, slip, lose one's balance, stagger, totter, slide;
    fall, fall down, tumble, topple, take a spill
  • 2 taxpayers often trip up by not declaring taxable income
    make a mistake, miscalculate, make a blunder, blunder, go wrong, get something wrong, make an error, err
    informal slip up, screw up, make a boo-boo
    British informal boob, drop a clanger
    North American informal goof up
  • 3 the question was intended to trip up the prime minister
    catch out, trap, trick, outwit, outsmart;
    put someone off their stride, throw off balance, disconcert, unsettle, discountenance, discomfit
    informal throw, wrong-foot
    British informal catch on the hop
  • 4 they tripped up the terrace steps
    run lightly, skip, dance, prance, waltz, bound, spring, hop, gambol, caper, frisk, scamper
    [Antonyms] trudge
  • 5 Hoffman tripped the alarm
    set off, activate, trigger;
    turn on, switch on, flip, throw
  • 6 when tripping through the Yukon, take time to explore our museums
    travel, take a trip, go on a trip/excursion/journey, journey, tour, trek, hike, cruise
  • noun

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  • 1 a four-day trip to Paris
    holiday, visit, tour, journey, expedition, voyage, transfer;
    informal junket, spin, hop
    Scottish informal hurl
  • 2 trips and falls cause nearly half of all such accidents
    stumble, slip, misstep, false step;
    fall, tumble, spill
  • 3 an occasional trip in the performance
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