Synonyms of turn in English:



  • 1 the wheels were still turning
    go round, revolve, rotate, spin, go round and round, go round in circles, roll, circle, wheel, whirl, twirl, gyrate, swivel, spiral, pivot
  • 2 I turned and headed back the way I had come
    change direction, turn round, change course, make a U-turn, reverse direction; swing round, wheel round, turn about
  • 3 the BMW turned the corner and vanished from sight
    go round, pass round, sweep round, round; negotiate, take
  • 4 a narrow path that turned alternately to right and left
  • 5 he turned his pistol on Laidlaw
  • 6 Wright turned his ankle in the first minute of the game
  • 7 their dream honeymoon turned into a nightmare
    become, develop into, prove to be, turn out to be; change into, be transformed into, metamorphose into
  • 8 Emmeline turned pale
    become, go, grow, get, come to be
  • 9 he turned the house into three flats
    convert, change, transform, make; adapt, modify, rebuild, reconstruct, refashion, remake, make over, restyle
  • 10 I've just turned forty
  • 11 the milk had turned
    go/become sour, go off, sour, curdle, become rancid, go bad, spoil, taint
  • 12 in 1959, he turned to politics
    take up, become/get involved with, involve oneself in, begin to participate in, go in for, enter, become interested in, start doing, undertake
    [Antonyms] give up drop
  • 13 we can now turn to another aspect of the problem
    move on to, go on to, begin to consider, turn one's attention to, attend to, address/apply oneself to; pick up, take up, refer to
  • 14 she turned a clumsy somersault
  • 15 wooden objects turned on a lathe
  • Phrases

    turn against someone

    people had turned against him
    [Antonyms] take someone's part stand up for
    become hostile totake a dislike tobecome unsympathetic tobecome disenchanted withbecome disillusioned with

    turn someone against someone else

    Helen turned him against his father
    [Antonyms] reconcile
    make hostile toset againstcause to dislikecause to be unfriendly towardsprejudice againstinfluence againstalienate fromdrive a wedge betweenestrange from

    turn someone away

    reporters were turned away from the college
    [Antonyms] admit
    refuse admittance tosend awayrejectrebuffrepelcold-shoulder informalsend packinggive someone the brush-off

    turn back

    they turned back before reaching the church
    [Antonyms] continue carry on
    retrace one's stepsgo backreturnretreat

    turn someone/something back

    demonstrators attempted to storm the naval base, but were turned back by policerepulsedrive backfight backforce backbeat backbeat offput to flightrepel

    turn someone/something down

  • 1 his novel was turned down by publisher after publisher
    reject, spurn, rebuff, refuse, decline, say no to
    informal give the thumbs down to, give the red light to
    British informal knock back
    [Antonyms] accept
  • 2 Pete turned the sound down
    reduce, lower, decrease, lessen; muffle, mute
    [Antonyms] turn up
  • turn in

    informal I think I'll turn ingo to bedretirecall it a daygo to sleep informalhit the hayhit the sackBritish informalgo up the stairs to Bedfordshire

    turn someone in

    she turned her husband in to the policehand overturn overbetrayinform ondenouncesell outstab someone in the back informalsplit onblow the whistle onrat onpeach onsqueal onsqueak onBritish informalgrass onsneak onshopNorth American informalrat outdrop a/the dime onfingerAustralian/New Zealand informaldob onpimp onpoolshelfput someone's pot on raredelate

    turn something in

  • 1 the documents must be turned in at a licensing office
    hand in/over, give in, submit, tender, proffer, offer; deliver; return, give back, surrender, give up
  • 2 he turned in a score of 199 not out
    achieve, attain, reach, make; notch up, chalk up, rack up, register, record
  • turn off

    they turned off the main road
    [Antonyms] join
    leavebranch offtake a side roadtake another road informalmake/take a left/rightNorth American informalhang a left/right

    turn someone off

    informal most people were turned off by the extreme sentimentality of the film
    [Antonyms] attract arouse
    put offleave someone coldrepeldisgustrevoltnauseatesickenoffenddisenchantalienateboreNorth American informalgross out

    turn something off

    she turned the light off and lay back on the bed
    [Antonyms] turn on
    switch offturn output offshut offpower downflick offextinguishdeactivatetripunplugdisconnect informalkillcut

    turn on

    the decision turned on a principle of civil lawdepend onrest onhang onhinge onbe contingent onbe decided byconcernrevolve roundrelate to

    turn someone on

    [Antonyms] leave someone cold
    arousesexually arouseexcitestimulatemake someone feel sexually excitedmake someone feel sexytitillatepleaseattract informalgive someone a thrillget someone goingfloat someone's boatdo it for someonelight someone's firetickle someone's fancy

    turn something on

    she turned on the TV
    [Antonyms] turn off
    switch onput onpower upflick onplug instart upboot upactivatecause to operate

    turn on someone

    he turned on her with cold savageryattackset onfall onlaunch an attack onlet fly atlash out athit out atweigh intoround onlose one's temper with informallay intotear intolace intosail intopitch intolet someone have itget stuck intowade intobite someone's head offjump down someone's throatBritish informalhave a go atNorth American informallight into

    turn out

  • 1 a huge crowd turned out to cheer the home team
    come, go, be present, attend, put in an appearance, appear, turn up, arrive; assemble, gather
    informal show up
  • 2 it turned out that she had been two-timing him
    transpire, prove to be the case, emerge, come to light, become known, become apparent, be revealed, be disclosed
  • 3 things didn't quite turn out as I'd intended
    happen, occur, come about; develop, evolve; work out, come out, end up, result
    informal pan out
    rare eventuate
  • turn someone out

    her father turned her out of the housethrow output outejectevictexpeloustdrive outforce outdrum outdeportbanish informalkick outchuck outsend packingboot outdefenestrateshow someone the doorgive someone their marching ordersthrow someone out on their earBritish informalturf out

    turn something out

  • 1 he turned out the light
    [Antonyms] turn on
  • 2 the firm turns out a million meters a year
  • 3 she had taken it into her head to turn out the kitchen cupboards
  • turn over

    the little dinghy turned over on the lakeoverturnupturncapsizekeel overturn turtleroll overbe upended

    turn something over

  • 1 I quickly turned over the first few pages
  • 2 she turned the proposal over in her mind
    think about, think over, consider, weigh up, ponder, contemplate, reflect on, chew over, mull over, muse on, ruminate on, give thought to
    archaic pore on
  • 3 he turned over the retail side of the business to his brother
    transfer, hand over, pass on, give, consign, assign, commit
  • turn over a new leaf

    See leaf

    turn someone's stomach

    the sight of all that blood turned her stomachnauseatecause to feel sickcause to feel nauseoussickenmake sickmake someone's gorge risemake someone's stomach rise informalmake someone want to throw up

    turn tail

    See tail

    turn to someone/something

  • 1 they turned to the social services
    seek help from, have recourse to, approach, apply to, look to, appeal to
  • 2 he turned to drink
    take to, resort to, have recourse to
    [Antonyms] give up abstain from
  • turn up

  • 1 all the missing documents had turned up
    be found, be discovered, be located, come to light; reappear
    [Antonyms] disappear go missing
  • 2 a couple of policemen turned up
    [Antonyms] stay away
  • 3 wait and see—something better will turn up
    present itself, occur, happen, crop up
  • turn something up

  • 1 she turned up the volume
    increase, raise, amplify, make louder, intensify
    [Antonyms] turn down
  • 2 they turned up a bit of information about his life
  • 3 I had turned up the hem of my skirt
    take up, raise; shorten
    [Antonyms] let down
  • noun

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  • 1 a turn of the wheel
    rotation, revolution, spin, circle, whirl, twirl, gyration, swivel
  • 2 the vehicle slowed and made a turn to the left
    change of direction, change of course, turning, veer, divergence
  • 3 they negotiated the sharp turn at the end of the narrow street
    bend, corner, dog-leg, twist, zigzag; Britishhairpin bend
  • 4 slow down, we're approaching the turn
    turning, junction, crossroads; North Americanturnout
  • 5 you'll get your turn in a minute
    opportunity, chance, say; stint, spell, time; try, attempt
    informal go, shot, stab, crack
  • 6 a highly entertaining comic turn
    act, routine, performance, number, piece; show
  • 7 why don't you take a turn around the garden?
  • 8 you gave me quite a turn!
    shock, start, surprise, jolt; fright, scare
  • 9 she had done me some good turns over the previous few months
    service, deed, act, action; (a good turn)favour, act of kindness, kindness; (a bad turn)disservice, wrong, harm, injury
  • Phrases

    at every turn

    her name seemed to come up at every turnrepeatedlyrecurrentlyall the timealwayscontinuallyconstantlyon every occasionagain and againover and over again

    in turn

    let's consider these three points in turnone after the otherone by oneone at a timein successionsuccessivelysequentiallyin orderLatinseriatim

    take a turn for the better

    his fortunes took a turn for the better in 1988improveget betterpick uplook upperk uprallyturn a/the cornerrecoverrevive

    take a turn for the worse

    Anglo-French relations had taken a turn for the worsedeteriorateget/grow worseworsendeclineretrogress informalgo downhill

    to a turn

    beefburgers done to a turnperfectlyjust rightexactly rightto perfection informalto a T

    turn of events

    she was utterly unprepared for this turn of eventsdevelopmentincidentoccurrencehappeningcircumstancephenomenon

    turn of mind

    those of us of a less scientific turn of mindbentdispositioninclinationtendencypropensitybiasway of thinkingaptitudetalentgiftflair

    turn of phrase

    it's not exactly a turn of phrase that trips off the tongueexpressionidiomchoice of wordswordphrasetermlocution

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