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Synonyms of twist in English:


  • 1 the force of the impact had twisted the chassis
    crumple, crush, buckle, mangle, warp, bend out of shape, misshape, deform, distort
    North American informal pretzel
    [Antonyms] straighten
  • 2 her face twisted with rage
  • 3 Ma was anxiously twisting a handkerchief
    wring, squeeze, knead
  • 4 Marco twisted round in his seat to look at her
    turn (round), swivel (round), skew (round), spin (round), pivot, rotate, revolve
  • 5 she twisted out of his grasp
  • 6 he landed awkwardly and twisted his ankle
  • 7 you are deliberately twisting my words
    distort, misrepresent, change, alter, pervert, falsify, warp, skew, put the wrong slant on, misinterpret, misconstrue, misstate, misquote, quote/take out of context, misreport;
  • 8 he reached for the radio and twisted the knob
    twiddle, adjust, turn, rotate, swivel
  • 9 she twisted a lock of hair around her finger
    wind, twirl, coil, curl, wrap
  • 10 cables made up of several wires twisted together
  • 11 the road twisted and turned through the hills
    wind, bend, curve, turn, meander, weave, zigzag, swerve, loop, corkscrew, snake, worm
  • Phrases

    twist someone's arm
    informal don't let him twist your arm if you really don't want to go
    talk someone into something


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  • 1 the twist of a dial
  • 2 the strange twist of his mouth betrayed an inner fury
    contortion, contorted/distorted shape
  • 3 a slight personality twist which could cause her problems
  • 4 long twists of black hair
    lock, hank
  • 5 the twists and turns of the mountain road
    bend, curve, turn, zigzag, loop, kink, dog-leg;
    British  hairpin bend
  • 6 the twists and turns of the plot
  • 7 Loretta was still trying to take in this curious twist of fate
    development, turn of events, incident, happening, occurrence;
  • 8 a new twist on an old theme
    interpretation, slant, outlook, angle, approach, treatment;
    alteration, variation
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