Synonyms of untidy in English:



  • 1 Fran smoothed her untidy hair
    frowzy, dirty, sleazy, seedy, slovenly, slatternly, sloppy
    North American informal raggedy, schlumpy, raunchy
    [Antonyms] tidy, neat
  • 2 the place was dreadfully untidy
    disordered, messy, in a mess, disorderly, disorganized, in disorder, in confusion, confused, cluttered, in a clutter, mixed up, in a muddle, muddled, in a jumble, jumbled, in chaos, chaotic, haywire, topsy-turvy, in disarray, awry, askew, upside down, upset, disrupted, at sixes and sevens
    informal higgledy-piggledy, every which way
    British informal shambolic, like a dog's dinner/breakfast
    [Antonyms] tidy, orderly
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