Synonyms of vacancy in English:



  • 1 there are vacancies for computer technicians
    opening, position, vacant position, situation, situation vacant, post, job, day job, opportunity, job opportunity, placement, place, niche, slot
    informal berth
  • 2 every seaside guest house had a ‘No Vacancies’ sign hanging in the window
    unoccupied room, room;
    (vacancies)accommodation available
  • 3 Cathy stared into vacancy, seeing nothing
    empty space, emptiness, vacuity, nothingness, void, vacantness, nullity, oblivion
    rare voidness
  • 4 impartiality is nothing more than a vacancy of mind
    empty-headedness, lack of thought, lack of intelligence, brainlessness, denseness, thickness, vacuousness, vacuity, inaneness, inanity, stupidity
    [Antonyms] intelligence
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