Synonyms of warrant in English:



  • 1 a judge has now issued a warrant for his arrest
    authorization, written order, licence, permit, official document; writ, order, summons, subpoena; mandate, decree, fiat, edict; papers
  • 2 a travel warrant
  • 3 the legislation gives no warrant for this assumption
    justification, grounds, cause, rationale, basis, assurance; authority, licence, authorization, sanction, vindication
  • verb

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  • 1 the charges warranted a severe sentence
    justify, vindicate, call for, sanction, validate, be a justification/reason for; permit, authorize, entitle, empower; uphold, condone, endorse, deserve, excuse, be a defence of, explain away, account for, offer grounds for, legitimize; support, consent to, license, approve of; merit, qualify for, rate, be worthy of, be worth, be entitled to, be deserving of
  • 2 the authors warrant that their texts do not infringe any copyright
    guarantee, affirm, swear, promise, vow, pledge, give an undertaking, undertake, state, assert, declare, aver, proclaim, pronounce, profess, attest; vouch, testify, bear witness; support, endorse, underwrite, back up, stand by
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