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Synonyms of wave in English:


  • 1 Farrell waved a hand dismissively the linesman waved his flag furiously
    move to and fro, move up and down, wag, waggle;
  • 2 the grass waved in the morning breeze
    ripple, flutter, undulate, stir, flap, sway, swing, waft, shake, quiver, oscillate, move;
  • 3 the waiter was waving to them to sit closer
  • 4 her thick dark hair fell in a waving mass to her shoulders
    curl, kink, coil, undulate;
  • Phrases

    wave something aside
    he waved aside her protest
    dismiss, reject, set/put/brush aside, shrug off, disregard, ignore, spurn, rebuff, discount, repudiate, put out of one's mind, play down, treat with contempt
    wave something down
    he waved down a taxi and drove off
    flag down, hail, signal to stop, stop, signal, summon, call, shout to, accost


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  • 1 Whitlock gave him a friendly wave as he drove past
    gesture, gesticulation, hand movement;
    signal, sign, motion, indication
  • 2 he loves surfing the big waves
    (waves) swell, surf, froth;
    Australian/New Zealand  bombora
    informal boomer
    North American informal kahuna
  • 3 the wave of emigration to Israel
  • 4 Lee felt a wave of self-pity a crime wave
    surge, rush, ripple, spasm, thrill, frisson, shiver, tingle, stab, dart;
    upsurge, welling up, outbreak, rash;
  • 5 he had dark hair that sprang in thick waves from his forehead
  • 6 electromagnetic waves light waves
    ripple, vibration, oscillation, undulation
  • Phrases

    make waves
    informal plenty of backbenchers continue to make waves
    cause trouble, be disruptive, be troublesome, cause a disturbance;
    make an impression, be noticed
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