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Synonyms of weak in English:


  • 1 they are too weak to move
    infirm, sick, sickly, shaky, debilitated, incapacitated, ailing, indisposed, decrepit, enervated, tired, fatigued, exhausted, spent, worn out
    informal weedy
    [Antonyms] strong
  • 2 bats have very weak eyes
    inadequate, poor, feeble;
    defective, faulty, flawed, deficient, imperfect, substandard, lacking, wanting
    [Antonyms] strong, powerful, keen
  • 3 she made some weak excuse to break the appointment
    unconvincing, untenable, tenuous, implausible, unsatisfactory, slight, poor, inadequate, thin, transparent;
    informal pathetic
    [Antonyms] convincing
  • 4 I was too weak to be a rebel
    irresolute, spineless, craven, cowardly, pusillanimous, timorous, timid, indecisive, ineffectual, useless, inept, effete, meek, tame, powerless, ineffective, impotent, namby-pamby, soft, lily-livered, faint-hearted
    [Antonyms] strong, resolute
  • 5 he had only a weak light to work by
    dim, pale, wan, faint, dull, feeble, muted
    [Antonyms] strong, bright
  • 6 ‘you did this to her,’ he said in a weak voice a weak signal
    indistinct, muffled, stifled, muted, hushed, faint, low, scarcely audible
    [Antonyms] strong, loud
  • 7 they drank weak coffee
    [Antonyms] strong, powerful
  • 8 a weak smile
    unenthusiastic, feeble, half-hearted, limp, lame
  • Phrases

    weak at the knees
    she has accepted a challenge that would make the bravest man go weak at the knees
    informal trembly, all of a tremble, all of a quiver, with rubbery legs, woozy
    rare vertiginous
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