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Synonyms of weaken in English:


  • 1 the virus has weakened him terribly
    enfeeble, debilitate, incapacitate, sap one's strength, enervate, tire, exhaust, wear out;
    wither, erode, diminish, destroy
    [Antonyms] strengthen
  • 2 she tried to weaken the impact of what she'd just said
    [Antonyms] increase, boost
  • 3 our morale weakened
    decline, deteriorate, degenerate, shrivel, wilt, tire, languish, falter
    [Antonyms] strengthen, intensify
  • 4 the move weakened her authority
    impair, undermine, compromise;
    invalidate, refute, rebut, negate, discredit
    [Antonyms] strengthen, bolster
  • 5 when she wept and begged him not to turn her out he weakened
    relent, give in, acquiesce, yield, give way, accede, succumb, come round;
    consent, assent, agree;
    soften, bend, ease up, ease off
    [Antonyms] stand firm
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