Synonyms of weaken in English:



  • 1 the virus has weakened him terribly
    enfeeble, debilitate, incapacitate, sap one's strength, enervate, tire, exhaust, wear out; wither, erode, diminish, destroy
    [Antonyms] strengthen
  • 2 she tried to weaken the impact of what she'd just said
    [Antonyms] increase boost
  • 3 our morale weakened
    abate, lessen, decrease, dwindle, diminish, ease up, let up, trail off, wane, ebb, subside, peter out, melt away, fizzle out, taper off, tail off, grow dim, grow faint; decline, deteriorate, degenerate, shrivel, wilt, tire, languish, falter
    [Antonyms] strengthen intensify
  • 4 the move weakened her authority
    impair, undermine, compromise; invalidate, refute, rebut, negate, discredit
    [Antonyms] strengthen bolster
  • 5 when she wept and begged him not to turn her out he weakened
    relent, give in, acquiesce, yield, give way, accede, succumb, come round; consent, assent, agree; soften, bend, ease up, ease off
    [Antonyms] stand firm
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